Urgent phone call makes me ask - "Is an election about to be called ?"

I received a phone call tonight from the Eastern Region of the Lib Dems asking, as an approved parliamentary candidate (I know that will come as a shock to one or two senior Lib Dem bloggers who loathe me and my blog), if I was prepared to stand at very short notice, as a Lib Dem candidate and be available from possibly next week to stand in seats where there is no lib Dem candidate selected yet.

Now it might just be the Lib Dems being thoroughly organised. However, it might be that some information has got back to someone at Cowley Street that Gordon Brown is about to make an announcement ?

We will see.
Update : The Hunter and Shooter puts more pieces of the jigsaw together HERE.


David Nikel said...

Similar phone calls have been taking place in other parts of the country too. However, I suspect this is just the party preparing well in the event of an election being called, rather than any inside knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I have blogged about it, too. Of course you get a name check!

Anonymous said...

So what was your answer?

Linda Jack said...

Me too. Mixed views amongst Labour delegates, but I agree with you, he could easily shoot himself in the foot if he waits.