Two to challenge Mike German as head of Welsh Lib Dems in Welsh Assembly

It is being reported that Eleanor Burnham is likely to join Peter Black in challenging Mike German as leader of the Welsh Lib Dems. in the National Assembly of Wales.

I don't know Mike German, I've never met him and can not therefore speak about his personal qualities. However, on TV I have always found him likeable but also a little too comfortable and a bit too agreeable. For me he seems to lack a an edge that I want to see from a leader. Perhaps this is just the view of someone living in Norfolk and if I loved in Wales I would see it differently ?

The Assembly elections this year showed that the Lib Dems need a new direction and a new drive if they are to move forward and having as wide a choice as possible will really give the party in Wales a proper choice of style and direction.

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Anonymous said...

You have to agree that the Conservatives are on the up in Wales?