Tesco - Very little helps

Most products that are not up to the job are usually described as being only fit to wipe your backside with. However, Tesco have developed a product that does not even do this.

A friend of ours who also has a young child decided to give Tesco nappies a try, only to find that they fail to stick properly and literally fall apart. A dodgy batch she assumed, so bought another pack thinking Tesco cannot make a product that is that bad. She was wrong.

It appears that Tesco nappies are not even fit to wipe your backside with.

Okay, it might not be political news, but it is another reason to avoid Tesco.


Aberdeen Patriot said...

And the halal meat they bare trying to push up here in Aberdeen.
The lefties wont be happy until we live in a muslim country

Aberdeen Patriot said...

pps tell your friend that the Lidl nappies are very good, as good as pampers...oh and cheaper....

Norfolk Blogger said...

Actually, I like halal meat. Not because of the way it has been slaughtered but because it is free from artificial growth hormones.

Thanks for the Lidl advice. I work near a Lidl so will give them a try.

Anonymous said...

i think tesco stink and needs to sort the store out and all the managers are stuck up and needs to give more wages out and more breaks from chris i am one of the staff at tesco