My political influences

I have been blog tagged for a new meme by Some Random Thoughts which must be revenge for me tagging him, yesterday on a different meme. This meme asks for my political influences, so here we go ,

1) Beveridge - Let us not forget that a Liberal invented the idea of the welfare state and went way beyond his remit in order to come up with his famous report.

2) Norman Lamb MP - I hope all my influences don;t have to be dead as Norman is very much alive. He is everything a local MP should be. brilliantly bright, popular, effective, active, knows the constituency like the back of his hand and everyone seems to have met him. Never one to stray in to murky or underhand tactics, he shows that you can win and win well by playing fair and being honest.

3) John Stuart Mill - I write an essay about him at university and have been interested in him ever since. Some of his ideas would be unacceptable in today's world (the idea of people passing a test in order to obtain the right to vote), but I like his ideas overall.

4) Cllr Stuart Beadle - A lovely guy in Broadland Lib Dems who showed me early on that age is no barrier in politics. When I was young he put me in charge of running some local elections when others said I was too young. When we made gains, he took none of the credit despite playing a major part in the success. A great bloke to have on your side.

5) Jo Grimond - Who kept the fire of liberalism alive when it might so easily have disappeared.

I'll tag for this meme Justin Hinchcliffe, Dizzy, Andrew Hinton, Duncan Borrowman and The ThunderDragon..


Duncan Borrowman said...

And I was beginning to sympathise with you for not getting your blog nominated for a Lib Dem Blogs award. Pah! That tag has lost all my sympathy ;-)

Norfolk Blogger said...

I was genuinely interested to know your answer too.

Lord Higham- Murray said...

There's a different kind of meme now up.

jailhouselawyer said...

Do you remember me mentioning the Blessed Margaret and her Nazi salute when she visited 10 Downing Street, by way of explaining Blogger being overrun by the Germans?

Well, it appears that Gordon has now caught Mad Cow Disease...


JRD168 said...

There's always one isn't there? Anyhow an interesting selection from yourself and some of your tags. Your link to Andrew Hinton comes back to me though.

Anonymous said...