I'm sorry for the innocents that were killed, but I have no sympathy for the joyriders

The facts that two innocent people, who were legally going about their everyday business, died as a result of a car full of joyriders drove the wrong way along a motorway, is deeply distressing for anyone. The news that three of the joyriders themselves died is not.

The fact that the police called off the chase because the joyriders acted in such a dangerous way is also something of a concern because it now tells all joyriders that the more dangerously they act, the more irresponsibly they behave, the greater the chance they have of the police giving up the chase.

In my opinion anyone driving the wrong way up a motorway should received a punishment that is equal to firing a loaded lethal weapon. In other words, it should equate to attempted murder. If anyone does this whilst evading police arrest, it should be a bigger sentence, and if someone is killed, then the idiots involved should be charged with murder. No pussy footing around these people who treat other people's lives with such disdain. All joyriders should know that if they act like this, the full weight of the law will fall on them and they can expect to see the best years of their lives out inside a cell.


Jonny Wright said...

You're basically spot on.

All I would say is: don't be so quick to judge the police for calling off the chase. It's quite possible that the joyriders drove far more dangerously because they kbew they were being chased. If that's true, and if they were going at such a speed that the police car itself was putting people at risk, then calling off the police chase could well have been justified.

jailhouselawyer said...

I agree that some motoring offences are not given the same weight as other criminal offences which have the same result, ie, loss of life.