If we can't even spell the name of our target seats properly ...

I note from various blogs that an article in the Independent on Sunday makes reference to Ed Davey talking up our chances in key target seats.

It is a shame, therefore, that the memo refers to "Broadlands" with an "s". I live in "Broadland" and I can assure everyone their is no "s" in it.

We do stand a good chance here. A good part of Norman Lamb's North Norfolk comes in to the new Broadland seat, there are no Labour councillors in the whole constituency and the Lib Dems have been very active here recently. April Pond too has really got involved in local issues and is a first rate candidate.


Anonymous said...

I think that the reason is, that it is misspelled in the original article of the Independent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to add, that we can't tell, if the mistake is Ed Davey's or that of the journalist.