I suppose I'll have to be the EU in future ?

I have just done the country test (see the link below) and I have come out as being the United Kingdon (yay - I do love being British). I guess if things go on though as they are I'll have to be a citizen of the EU ?

You're the United Kingdom!

You're a much weaker person than you used to be, but you still
act like you did when everyone looked up to you. Despite this, you're
probably a better person than you were when you had so much power over those
around you. Though you do have a strange fascination with jewels and monarchs, which lets you play in castles, but also end up leading a sort of tabloid lifestyle.
You really like the Beatles, even more than you like Oasis.

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid

Hat tip to Glamorgan blog.

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