How many times do you say something before it seems somewhat forced ?

Nick Clegg did a good job of defending Ming's position on the EU constitution this morning on GMTV, although this may well be that as a former MEP Nick thinks as Ming does on this subject even if the feeling is that the membership and parliamentary party would prefer a referendum

There was, however, one answer to a question that stood out for me, and that was when he stressed his continued support for Ming.

In answer to the Steve Richards question "There are continuing questions, in some ways they've intensified rather than gone away, about the leadership of Ming Campbell, do you want him; are you absolutely certain he will be your leader up to the next election? "

Nick Clegg's answer included this "I fully, fully, fully support him in doing that"

One "fully" indicates your support. A "fully, fully" shows your true support. But three, a "fully, fully, fully" seemed a little forced, a little over eagre.

I'm sure I am reading too much in to it.

What was interesting was that Nick Clegg singled out the four potential front runners in any future (post general election) leadership race when he added " Ming moved with extraordinary speed to calm the nerves of the party, and then take a risk frankly, a gamble with people like me, David Laws, Chris Huhne, Norman Lamb and others putting us in important positions in the party, allowing us to create new ideas."

My overriding feeling from Nick Clegg is that he would make a fantastic leader. A know Tories who mix in Westminster circles who say they admire Nick Clegg and that Toy MP's genuine fear him as a future leader. Certainly despite is "fully, fully, fully" seeming a little over dramatic and forced, he did nothing on GMTV to suggest that he would make the same mistakes that Ming has in recent months.

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