Conservatives can't organise a Conference in a Conference Hall

I wonder what the Tories would fail to organise correctly in a brewery !

They have had three months to organise people's passes yet as Dizzy and Iain Dale report, some people cannot get in to the conference hall at all and others have to wait three hours and pay £105 for a fast track pass.

Update : The sight of some Tory on stage using a microphone that won't work with the audience shoutin gat he "We can't hear you" was almost farcical. I wondered if the Tories might want to put on a Pantomime, with the audience shouting "He's behind you !". "Oh no he's not", "Oh yes he is ".


Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Not good, is it? Apart from Blackpool being a complete dive, that was the other reason that I was put off from attending.

PS. Is this the official Comment on Dale blog?


ThunderDragon said...

"I wonder what the Tories would fail to organise correctly in a brewery !"

A picnic?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I was going to suggest a brothel, but remembering the Tories back to basics campaign and Shagger norris, Tim Yeo, and various other Tories who couldn't keep their trousers on, thought that was something they definetly WOULD be able to organise.

Lord Higham-Johnson said...

Now how would you characterize the LibDem Conference, Nich?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Never been. Never will. I teach and don't get time off to attend conferences.

People I know always say they are very well organised.

Tory conference has not been any good for about the last two years, which ties in with the fact that my best mate Richard was on the tory conference committee until two years ago (he was Chairman I believe).