The BBC will not save the world after all

The BBC has axed plans to save the world, or at least halted spending millions of pounds of license fee payers money on a special day of programming that was to be called Planet Relief.

Now I am not a climate change sceptic. I firmly believe that man is accelerating the rate of change in the planet's temperature and I also believe that we need to do more to lead the way in this country to reduce our carbon emissions. the excuse "it does not matter because of China and India" does not wash. Bit for the BBC to patronise us for a whole day, spend an absolute fortune, no doubt give Fearne Cotton another presenting jobs and give another chance to groups of comedians to patronise us and then fly around the world filming short films to be shown every 10 minutes would just be too much for me.

So the BBC was right to scrap the idea. They should stick to their remit and should not start lecture us.

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