BBC "Spinning" Pro Tory stories

The Tories love to lambast the BBC as being pro Labour, being institutionally biased against the Conservative Party and being a haven for socialists and liberals.

So can the Tories explain the blatant lies that the BBC was peddling on their behalf this morning on BBC Breakfast News and on BBC Radio ?

The BBC quite categorically stated that in yesterday's local council by-elections "the results had been poor for Gordon's Brown's Labour Party with the Conservative Vote up in 8 of the 9 seats with the Tories gaining a seat of Labour"

The funny thing is though that when you analyse the results clearly, Labour's vote was up in nearly half of the contests (four). This is exactly the same for the Tories, with their vote up in only four contests, not the five the BBC falsely reported.

The fact the BBC failed to acknowledge that Labour actually made a gain in Mansfield was also not acknowledged.

In fact last night's results have got to be seen as good for Labour. They defended a three way marginal in Portsmouth with an increase in their vote and their majority whilst even in the seat they lost in Sunderland, their vote was up by more than 2%.

So next time the Tories send a press release to the BBC perhaps the Beeb could actually bother to check the results for themselves. And for that matter, the next time the Tories complain of bias, perhaps they should remember the fact that the BBC ran this story without seemingly checking it's credibility at all.

The bigger question though is why are the Tories trying to spin poor results as being enough to put Gordon Brown off calling an election ? I thought the Tories were desperate for the election as soon as possible. Surely this sort of spin is designed to stop an election. isn't this a sign of panic in the Tory Party ?

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Paul Walter said...


It seems that the PA started the "bum steer":


When I read the actual results on John Hemming's blog I wondered whether he had posted the wrong results, having already read the PA release.