Algerian terror attacks - More innocent Muslims killed by Al-Quaeda

We are told by the press, by community workers, by politicians, that the rise in fundamentalism and support for Al-Quaeda in the UK is due to a feeling amongst Muslims who feel that Britain is anti Islamic.

My personal view is that the UK allows more openess and freedoms to Muslim people that any state I can name in the whole of the Middle East. But if anyone is toying with the idea that Islamic terrorism is a way of setting Muslims free, then they should witness the latest Al-Quaeda terrorist attacks in Algeria which has seen more than 50 people, all muslims and mainly civilians, be killed.

Who will fight for the rights of those now dead Muslims to be free from persecution from terrorists ?


Charlie Marks said...

The rise in fundamentalism here has more to do with poverty and foreign policy -- but islamophobia plays a key part.

In order to legitimise the wars in the Middle East, UK muslims have been excessively problematised on grounds of extremism.

Anonymous said...

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