15 minutes of fame stolen

Stephen Dorrell, remember him ? I think he did the chicken run in 1997 and was last heard of signing EDM's in parliament, seems to have been a bit miffed by Michael Ancram stealing his thunder, and 15 minutes of fame today. He called Michael Ancram's attack on the direction of the Tory party as "bizarre".

In the next stage of what seems almost like a co-ordinated attack on David Cameron by Tory MP's in recent weeks, Michale Ancram told Cameron not to abandon what Margaret Thatcher stood for. I couldn't agree more, I liked the good old days when everyone I knew who had a soul and a heart loathed the Tory leader with a passion, and that is certainly the effect Thatcher had on my contemporaries and myself.

Stephen Dull, sorry, Dorrell was himself supposed to be launching the latest in the weekly announcement of future Tory announcements on possible policies that will be announced in the future. His panel has decided the best way to deal with the housing shortages in this country is to sell of council houses and housing association housing to individuals, which would certainly increase the second home ownership of investors who like to but up old local authority housing, but I fail to see how this will do anything other than reduce housing stocks for people in genuine need of housing, and fore house prices up more, which again, will suit rich Tories and those who invest in second homes, but to those of us who own a home as a place to live, not an investment, it will serve absolutely no purpose what soever other than to push mortgage costs up for new homeowners.

If Stephen Dorrell wants a definition of the term "bizarre", he ought to look at his own proposals.


EGL Resident said...

Posts like this are why you had the drop the claim to be "fair" and "open minded".

Norfolk Blogger said...

But unlike 99% of Tories (i note that Hunter and Shooter is the exception here), I am brave enough to report where I think my own political party is wrong. So Fair and Open Minded are terms that I can still use, if I wanted.

I note you are posting under a new pseudonym. What will it be next ?