You know you are in trouble when the only person that will stand up for you is Andrew Gilligan

Iain Dale tries yet again to put up a sterling defence for the Conservative Party and Boris Johnson in this post HERE, but to be honest, when the only journalist that will defend you is Andrew Gilligan, you know you've got problems.

Andrew Gilligan, who now seems to be running a "get labour" campaign in the wake of him losing his job at the BBC after the Hutton enquiry, is hardly the best journalist to read on such matters as he fails, in my estimation, to show any objectivity.


Iain Dale said...

your headline is entirely misleading. AG is certainly NOT the only person to stand up for Boris. Liberal England blog has a sane take on this - unlike you!

Anonymous said...

It is so deeply telling that there is no attempt to engage with Gilligan's argument - just to attack the person making it. This is pretty much the definition of intellectual bankruptcy.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I take no lessons from people who wish to remain anonymous.

Personally I think Stephen Lawrence's mother has the right to say what she wants, in a free society. I also think if Boris Johnson says things then he has the right to be scrutinised over what he says and that people are allowed to draw their own conclusions.