What is the difference between Glasgow Airport and One Railway ?

Okay, I know there is a massive difference, one is a railway company and one is an airport operator. But they also treat employees very differently too.

A few weeks ago an employee at Glasgow airport famously punched a suspected terrorist in the face and was quite rightly heralded for his heroism and public spirited nature. His bosses at the Airport were no doubt delighted.

A one railway employee faced with a drunkard yob who was threatened passengers and was violent was lunged at by the drunkard, the was a clash of head, and the drunkard fell to the floor. How do One Railway's reward that member of staff ? They fired him. Despite witnesses saying that he stood up to the yob and that passengers were frightened, this was not enough for One Railway to take any notice.

Is it any wonder that we have problems with anti social behaviour in this country when companies like One Railway back the yobs ?

Note - I can find no linking story about this but it was covered on the BBC Look East news at 6.30 in East Anglia.

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