Tory Tree replaced by dark cloud

The from the look of this photo, blatantly ripped off from the BBC website, the Tories have replaced their tree with a stormy cloud.

Perhaps it is supposed to reflect the trouble David Cameron has had recently or is it simply to remind him than when his constituents are suffering from too many storms and the associated floods, he would do better to stay in his constituency ?


jailhouselawyer said...

Hello logo...

I suspect that one of the designers of the new Tory logo was racking his or her brain to come up with something to justify the £40,000 price tag. And that person left a small child unattended for a few minutes and returned to discover that the child had scrawled all over the drawing board. "What the hell is this?", the parent demanded. "It's a tree", the child replied.

It appears to lean to the right. And, rather than representing "strength, endurance, renewal and growth", I suspect that a good wind or flood will see it come crashing down.

Goodbye logo...

David Anthony said...

No, it was just a drunk carpenter fitting a window.

Though I hope that 'Tree' gets blown away very soon.