Problems with Setanta Sports ?

I wonder how many other people are suffering the same problem as a friend of mine.

He has just received his Setanta Sports viewing card so he can watch Live Premiership Football on his Top-Up TV equipped Freeview box on Saturday, however, he has to phone Setanta Sports to get everything to work.

What's the problem ? He spent 5 hours on the phone this evening and never got anyone from Setanta to answer as apparently "Due to high call volumes, etc, etc".

With their football coverage starting on Saturday, I guess they have lots of phone calls being made to them at the moment. But is is hardly an auspicious start to their new service.

When Setanta set themselves up as an alternative to Sky, I think most customers thought they'd try and rival SKY's sports coverage, not their awful customer care.
UPDATE - Setanta Sports have contacted me about this and have issued a response (see comments). Any problems you might have, then send them here as Setanta are looking at the comments and are, I believe, trying their best.
UPDATE 2 - A letter from Setanta Sports
Dear All,
It is disheartening to see so many negative comments when we are improving so quickly. Believe me, I do undertsand what it is like to be waiting on the phone for long durations of time only to end up talking to an inexperienced agent - we've all been there and as per previous emails, its not good enough and I offer no excuses.We are indeed the new boys and contrary to how we are perceived, we do want to offer a world class service and are moving very quickly in that direction. However, as simple as it may sound, increasing headcount is not something that can generally be done at a flick of a switch and yes, once we get these guys on board they not only have to be trained but supported in order to get up to speed - again, that does take time.Those of you on the Satellite platform would have noticed a much quicker call answering time over recent weeks with the experience starting to show through with Agents. Its far from perfect I agree but I would ask you to support us - If you believe we are getting better and doing that relatively quickly then stand by us - we will get this right!On Freeview, it has taken us a little longer to get the right and are days away from having sufficient people on board at this stage - again, it will take a couple of weeks for them to gain the necessary experience.The anonymous post re cam and card issues posted on 21st August, can you pass me your details please (please pass via Nich , who I'm sure will be kind enough to relay to me) as I would like to resolve asap.
RegardsMatthew - Setanta Sports


Anonymous said...

I am having the same problem so I am about to return the Set Top Box and cancel my subscription. I will no longer tolerate poor customer service.

Anonymous said...

I have one of the old On digital boxes and I'm having problems aswell. I've been calling for the last three days and I still can't get through.

Not a happy bunny!

Anonymous said...

Ive been a setanta customer in GlASGOW FOR 3 years now .Up until this contract started 100% perfect service Last 3 weeks utter crap flickery or no picture at all so many different numbers and yuou still cant get through ie high volume of calls due to crap service. They are trying to pass it back to sky but you can still get all the sky channels ie Sky is Astra Setanta is Eurobird transpomnder

We pay good money and get no service back ? Isnt that Fraud?

Anonymous said...

I am having problems viewing setanta theough my sky plus box. All other channels fine. Pixelating/no signal/jumping etc. Not impressed so far

Karl said...

similar problems with poor service and none of the channels working while sky is perfect here in Ireland. Have been passed from pillar to post by them and when I tried to cancel my subscription, I was told I'd have to wait 30 days with OR without service from them. Daylight robbery, avoid at all costs. I'm 28 euro lighter already with nothing to show for it.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The following is a comment from Matthew Kemp of Setanta Sports, which was sent to me in an e-mail on this subject.
I wanted to respond to your recent blog in relation to Setanta Sports’ call centre.

As you may already know, we at Setanta have gone to enormous lengths to ensure that we have a strong sporting presence in the UK market and strongly believe that we have not only achieved this, we are also providing this service at a very affordable price-point.

We had scaled our operational business to what we believed were aggressive targets, however the demand has surprised even us. As such we are scaling up the business exponentially, brought on an additional 3 outsourcers and very are close to getting to the point where we can answer all calls quickly and handle those calls professionally. We are now doing in weeks what many organisations spend years getting wrong.

However, that has not helped your friend and has also meant that a number of people have witnessed similar issues. I do have to question the duration of how long it took to get through as even at peak times (hours running up to a big event), the duration for waiting to get through has only ever been has high as 11 minutes (10.5 minutes too long for our liking as well as our customers) although I do understand why customers would use a certain licence on the exact figures – we’ve all experienced poor customer service and it probably did feel like it was a lot longer than it actually was.

Let me get to the point. I would very much appreciate you passing my sincere apologies onto your friend and wanted to be clear that Setanta Sports hold very strong views about the quality of the product we offer and also how we interact with our customers. At the risk of sounding clichéd, our customers are absolutely the most important aspect of our business and as a relative newcomer to the UK market we are highly conscious that if we do not resolve our current predicament quickly, then our brand will be damaged before we even start. I want to assure you that this is my number one priority and whilst we have a way to go, firmly believe that we have and are making very good progress in this area.

Matthew Kemp


And an updat today also from Matthew Kemp

As an aside, although still on the same topic - today we aired our first Barclays Premier League match and the response, as expected, has been huge. Today we have answered more calls, sold more service than any other day in the history of the company, tried to overstaff and still had calls waiting. To be clear, this presents a challenge for the next match as we now have historical data to help better forecast and staff accordingly.

As you have I am sure noticed, I am hugely passionate about Setanta Sports as are my colleagues. We WANT to get this right, we WANT our customers to have a world class service and are doing everything we can to get there.

I would like to thank you for replying so quickly and will absolutely keep up to date on comments.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the Setanta call centre - they answer quickly and are most helpful in my experience. Unfortunately the problem is that Setanta Sports 1 and 2 don't work (picture breaking up). Having 'resent my signal' 3 times, the call centre are now saying it's a fault with my Sky equipment & I need to call out a Sky engineer. As I get all other Sky channels absolutely fine, I really don't get this...anyone got any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I subscibed today. I have a 3 year old sky box and get all Sky channels perefectly. Setanta Sports is a weak signal so you need to either get a Sky engineer or a new box at £75.00. Include the £10.00 installation fee (what do you get for this ? ) plus the £9.99 per month and it is not such a bargain. Oh yeah and try cancelling / asking for a refund and you get short shrift from their customer services. Did someone mention FRAUD ?? .

Disgruntled Aberdonian .

Anonymous said...

My Setanta box stopped working half an hour before the Celtic game on Saturday and I have been e-mailing and calling Customer Service ever since!

I'm continually told by the pre-recorded message (always the same woman, which makes me wonder if she's the only person in the office) that there is a high duration of calls and to phone back later. I have yet to be given an e-mail response.

So I'm paying money for what exactly?

Anonymous said...

Is there a solution to this problem yet my setanta still doesn't work property it worked fine up until Saturdays matches - I'm been constantly fobbed off by Setanta and today have been told by one floorwalker that they take no responsibility - Matthew Kemp please inform all staff at Setanta that customers are the most important aspect of your business because a few do not understand that . Bring back prem plus!

Anonymous said...

Setanta Sports' service is disgraceful. I use freeview. On the website it explains that you get 8 great channels and 24 hour sporting action. The truth is you only get Setanta Sports 1 and the prgrammes don't even start until 12:00pm. The call centre is appalling and I am paying £9.99 for my troubles. This is false advertising and I am caertainly not getting the services that I was told I would receive. Oh and did I say that the freeview box that was sent out has clearly been a customer return and has scratches all over it...

Anonymous said...

Well yet another week gone by with no Setanta(joke) sports. What am I paying for kemp, did have a record wait on the phone today 32 mins on hold(did someone say five minutes) Still trying to cancell (sorry sir you have to wait till september before you can do this). I,m in the British Forces and have advised soldiers on the military forum about SETANTA(joke)and their continued problems. Kemp I suggest you get off your arse and sort this.(bet your a fatty as well)

Anonymous said...

Having been out and bought a new freeview box to enble us to get Setanta Sports, we have been trying to get the system up and running for 2 days now! After 10 calls which have been answered and the other 30-40 attemts, we are totally fed up!! We have had the signal sent out to us on 10 occassions and thought we had cracked it at 4.35pm today when we managed to get a picture! HOWEVER just as the teams rolled out the picture went off (5.10pm) After numerous attempts to call Setanta we have now given up for the night and will spend all day tomorrow trying again! Hope Mr Kemp reads this and sorts it out ASAP as i have 2 very unhappy children sat here (not to mention the husband with steam coming out of his ears!!

Anonymous said...

I have been with Setanta for 3 days. Have activated the service 6 times, with the usual wait between 1 & 4 Hours before switch to channel 34, without success.I have emailed customer service without response.Unable to contact customer service on any phone numbers until midnight. DON'T GO THERE.
I am applying for a full refund when I am able to get hold of a customer service person.

Mr Angry Loanhead Midlothian said...

Like many others, I have joined up only to find that there is no picture on Setanta and telephoning with no one answering for hours on end. Mathew Kemp from Setanta is talking "mince" when he says that the response time is 11 minutes, more like 1 hour if you are lucky. I will be cancelling my subscription tomorrow and if they give me the same crap as they have been giving others about 30 days, a visit to trading standards will be in order and letters off to the national press. If you have online banking, you can of course cancel direct debits yourself.

Anonymous said...

my setanta1 on freeview went down on monday and hours spent trying to contact setanta were wasted and i still missed killie v dundee utd.
it has worked most of the week but got up today to a blank screen.
all callers are busy so it looks like aberdeen v celtic is a no-no as well.
i couldn't give a stuff re the epl (boring 0-0 games mostly á la last nights villa newcastle dross) so if my scottish games are going to be blank screens i might as well not bother.
internet streaming is unreliable but at leat their unreliability does not cost me a tenner a month

Anonymous said...

I have a freeview box. The guy at Setanta said I had to pay an install charge. After getting no service I was told there was NO install charge. I still have no picture after a week. Email is a waste as the dont reply. This company is making more money off phones calls than anything. SETANTA ARE THEIVES WITH A CRAP SERVICE

Michael (eire) said...

Been a setanta customer for over 2 years and I pay 250 euros a year to watch poor picture quality channels on sky digital.

Anonymous said...

I received my Sentanta Cam and card on 16th August. I rang up to activate this at 12.00mid-day. 10 hours later, after 5 telephone calls, at a premium rated 10p. per minute, I was still without a signal. During the second call I was asked to check my CAM menu and told that the number on the CAM was wrong (1.03.002.) On checking this out he said that this was nothing to do with the problem. We gave up that night. Next day we tried again, this time, after 20 minutes we were told that the number was wrong and a new CAM and card would be sent out that day. A week later after paying out £60 for CAM, card and subscription, plus £15 for phone calls, we have neither CAM,card or Santanta Sports, nor have we received the promised calls. We have sent 3 E mails, and have never had a response.
Customer relations is non existent.

Anonymous said...

I have been having the same problems since 7-July, have made ten phone calls, sent 2 e mails and and 2 letters cancelling, on the 14 Aug i was told my letter was in sign off department and someone would be in touch very shortly, i am still waiting, this company is a absolute joke, unfotunately i was stupid enough to pay the whole year up front.

Matt said...

I was having problems like you guys, numerous phone calls etc. On Saturday I asked them for a new card, I recieved it today and it works perfectly.

Try it!

Anonymous said...

I have sat down 2 weekends in a row to watch a match on Setanta and have had "no Satellite signal" on both Setanta channels while EVERY other Sky channel was received no problem! the Setanta signal returned the next day when the demand was much lower I suspect. I have phoned in and either got an engaged tone after the Customer Service BULL, or no reply. I have also e-mailed my complaint to customerservices@setanta.com again - with NO REPLY!!

I have also been charged last years price of £180 while all new subscribers are charged £120!

Matthew Kemp talks a good game but instead of business "buzzwords" and cliches I would like to see some action. He is hugely passionate about Setanta Sports and I am hugely pissed off with them.

Perhaps a more public airing of the complaints here might motivate them to take their customers more seriously! Im am sure The Judge in the Sunday Mail would be interested in a story like this.

Feel free to call me for a one to one Matthew Kemp.

Henry Dore

Anonymous said...

Quick update on the post two up from this, managed to speak to someone at setanta and have been told i will recieve no refund (£129)as the problem is at my end even though i told them within 2 days i was cancelling, snug bint on the phone tells me there is nothing else i can do, absolute disgrase, feel as if they have stole the money off me, took them 6 weeks to come to that conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kemp you really do not know what customer service is, your company has a massive problem!! Now I actually have a name to contact please keep an eye on your post because I shall be writing to you direct and hope to get a reply!!!!! To summarise for other bloggers info. Subscribed 15th June, so far had two cards but no CAM. Has cost me £29.99 for CAM, 2 months subs plus 6 emails and mountains of phone calls and still no CAM. Have been promised replacement CAM's, free month subscription which have all since my last phone call been subsequently withdraw!! Last phone call lasted 21 mins only to be told to take it up with my post office because they must have lost it, then cut off! Nightmare!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have allready sent an email to the judge in the sunday mail, hopefully hear something soon, will post if i get reply.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe via Freeview. Staff are always polite and efficient. Never had any problems. Really enjoying the channel and a bargain for just £9.99 a month.

Smersh said...

The problem is with your sky installations. You should be chasing up sky for poor installation and leave the poor people at Setanta alone it ain't their fault. QED.

Now a Sky Customer said...

Smersh,. Two points.

1)If it is poor Sky installation how come so many people here have had Setanta working perfectly for months getting Scottish football but as soon as they start the Premiership coverage their reception has gone.
2) How can it be Sky's fault when most of the people here moaning about problems are referring to Freeview, which is nothing to do with Sky ?

Anonymous said...

I note that some jokers on thre Itish messag board that now points to this blog say that it is the customers fault or Sky TV's fault that most people's satellite dish will need adjusting, not Setanta's fault.

So if this is the case why is it that
- Setanta will not refund customers money if they request to cancel because their dish is not aligned properly.
- That Setanta are not telling anyone on any of their adverts that there is a high probability that you will need to have your satellite dish repositioned.

Setanta are advertising their football coverage as a quick and easy, hassle free alternative, when in factit is the oppositte for many people.

In may ways Setanta are like a car dealer selling you a car that is incompatible with the petrol on sale. Some will argue this is not Setanta's fault as "the car works fine if you use the right fuel". The only problem is you have to oay for the changes in order to get the right fuel.

Anonymous said...

well after three weeks of trying we finally got through today and activated our card - and it's free months subscription

Except of course you pay in advance so there is no free month !!!

I wanted to speak to a supervisor as it has costs me upwards of £40 to get through to Setanta - but they are all busy , well they have 14 days to get back to me or the card, box and subs will be cancelled !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Crikey! There is some amount of rubbish being posted on here! So, let me get this correct, if you couldnt receive BBC 1 on your roof aerial would you complain to BBC or the guy who put the aerial on your roof?? If the aerial was blown over would you still blame the BBC?! Hopefully you realise how stupid some of you lot sound. I bought the service recently and I was asked at the time of subscribing if I could see Channel 5 and the answer was yes and I'm happy to say I'm viewing happily for the last 3 months. Theres always going to be examples where people can't get a signal etc so get over it! Larry,Inverness.

Anonymous said...

Crikey, what a stupid example do give.

If you but a product, in this case Setanta, and they advertise that it will work with your existing set top box, you would expect it to be able to work without alteration, wouldn't you, after all, that is what they advertised/

Secondly, if you already get Setanta with Sky and they sell themselves to you on the basis that your Sky equipment will not need adjucting, surely you would expect that service.

Would I complait to the BBC if my airiel didn't work ? No. Then again, the BBC do not sell me a service that does not work with any standard airiel, like Setanta have done, so the comparison is wrong.

Chalk and cheese.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you Larry. You are able to watch Setanta unlike most people on here. For Sky viewers the problem has nothing to do with Satellite dish positioning. I have had a faultless Setanta signal for years. The problems only began last month when they started showing premership games and the audience got much bigger. I can view Setanta most of the time, but when there is a big game on "no satellite signal received".

I have still not had a reply to my e-mail, only an automatic acknowlegement.

Matthew Kemp has gone very quiet despite his earlier comments.


Henry Dore

Anonymous said...

hi there i phoned to cancel my setanta sports and after about 10 mins waiting to get through to speak to someone on the customer service department i said to cancel my account, so after giving her the details she said she had to put me through to a different department, after waiting another 10 mins r so and still no answer i decided to give up, i will just cancel my direct debit with them, i also wrote them an email saying to cancel last week but never received no reply, they must keep you on the phone to make as much money out of you as possible, must say am not to happy and judging by a lot of other people not being happy with this company i can see why.

Anonymous said...

Disgusted with Setanta - I took out a monthly contact and decided to cancel. Can I? Not likely! They are ignorant and totally deaf to the customer. i have emailed, phoned and written giving 1 months notice - to no avail.

Do not subsribe to this pathetic company.

Anonymous said...

Larry from Inverness, get a brain re comparison with tv aerial/BBC! Anyway, I have had nightmare with Satanta from the start. Signed up and got ready to watch pre-season friendly. Setanta Golf, Sports 1 and 2 have dodgy picture and sound. All other channels through Sky box fine. Called Setanta (Got through but only on subscription number as if you call cust service they have an auto 'terminate call' facility if queue is too long. Rather like closing the post office when there's more than 10 in the queue!). They advised there was static in Sky Box (tehe!). Told them all other Sky channels fine. Still they said it was static and to shut off box, take out card and put back in. Still no joy and no improvement so missed whole game. Cancelled DD after first payment. Got letter advising that I owe money for cancelling subscription. Established that 30 days notice required. Sounds like a contract to me - maybe not an annual one but they advertise it as NO CONTRACT! Ok, so got the letter and called them in an attempt to cancel. 5 calls, 12+ minutes no joy. Gave up. Tried next day, 9.45pm. Thought would be better time to get through at that time. I was right!!! Got straight through but cancellation dept closed at 9pm - Try tomorrow. Emailed request instead. Email received 2 days later ... cannot cancel by email. Called again on a Saturday. Held in queue. Got through. Paid to get up straight and requested to cancel. Advised cancellation dept only open Mon to Fri!!! Pulled hair out. Switched to Setanta 1 to watch Man U v Sunderland (just paid 'overdue' payment remember!). Unable to view game as signal not sent to Sky box by Setanta. The company is totally mickey mouse. Oh, and if you have Sky multi room they'll try and fleece you for another £5/m to have the privilege of watching in another room. Prem Plus cost me £60 for the whole season to watch in any room I like in the house. Setanta charge £135 for 9 months of rubbish, barely existant service. Steer clear at all costs - stick to the local pub (if they can get the damn thing to work there!). Andrew Davis, england-supporters.com

typicalaussie said...

I rang Setanta end of June and was told by a Scottish call centre that AFL was “nearly live” on Freeview and that was the correct card to buy. I told them I was Australian here for a short while, I ONLY wanted to see AFL nothing else. You see the freeview Electronic Program Guide works without a card and it showed AFL on a fairly regular basis……..ha what a joke that is, as even today it can bear absolutely no relationship to anything showing. I should have been told to get satellite at exactly the same price for Setanta 2, but the person on the phone said I had to have the minimum sky package, not just the sky card for channel 5 which I have. (WRONG) After a week or so of frustration I rang again to find no Scottish call centre but now somewhere near Newcastle and he knew nothing and could not change the card or even fire up a new one. I then sent notice of withdrawal from their service within the three week time limit, but received nothing in return. Being silly enough to use my credit card, I had to “lose” it and get another from the bank with different numbers, because I now knew what was going to happen! The whole thing has just been immensely irritating and stupid, and I am going to miss the Grand Final because I cannot take the risk of starting again. (Mind you they might not bother to play it) There is no phone number at all today Saturday 1st Sept, and they have outsmarted “saynoto0870” ! I am sure they will eventually get it right, but their teething troubles meant I got chewed up! You might be lucky! Peter Guest

Anonymous said...

Up date to my post 0f 1st Sept 07 (Andrew Davis, england-supporters.com)... Still do not have access to Setanta, 52 hours after being told that they would send code to Sky box in 15mins (Well if they refuse to let me cancel and I've paid I at least expect to see a picture!). Tried 5 times to cancel contract today while at work and hanging on for 8 mins+ once and cut off 4 times. Got home and received call from Setanta at 8.30pm - service call asking if i was happy with service! Fantastic! It's before 9pm so I can cancel at last?! No. The gentleman who called me to see if I was happy was unable to make me happy by cancelling contract - was told I needed to call tomorrow to cancel or write in (why should I write when I set up online?! He admitted the CONTRACT (don't be misled, yes there IS a contract!) is min 2 months including the 30 day notice period. Will write in and send copy of my rantings to Trading Standards, Watchdog, Daily Mail and The Sun ... so I am sure Setanta will get their come-uppance sooner or later and I won't want to hear their grovelling apologies... just want my money back! Bring back Prem Plus! Andrew Davis, england-supporter.com

Norfolk Blogger said...

Andrew, Thanks for the update.

I am still getting about 50 people a day read the comments here so I know your story will resonate with others.

redboro2005 said...

Subscribed to Setanta Sports Monthly package on 25th August 07. I am unable to watch any sports channels as all have very bad picture quality and more often than not No Signal is being Received. Phoned Setanta numerous occasions to correct the fault, had the signal re-sent, powered down the LNB, passed to Sky who said that they are receiving over 100 calls, but it is not their problem. Setanta have said that they need at least 80% signal strength to work, but Sky only need 30% - it doesn't say this on the T&C's. Sent a letter via recorded delivery and email to cancel subscription and for a full refund within seven working days as per 'Distance Selling Act' and lack of service following legal advice. Still a week later and claiming not to have received the letter or email yet. Waste of time - DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO SETANTA until they sort it all out. Will keep you posted on my claim.
Andy - Manchester

Anonymous said...

Gave up and cancelled at end of last week .Was fed up being passed pillar to post between Sky ans Setanta , with them saying i need LNB realigned by £60 sky engineer

But hey presto Perfect picture now ie it is obviously Setanta problem and been sorted at their end

Their customer service is still so poor


Anonymous said...

Further update... (Andrew Davis, england-supporters.com) Called Sentanta again this evening and got through relatively easily. Advised in first sentance that I wish to cancel subscription. Now listen to this... because I cancelled my direct debit in the first place (because I didnt realise I was tied to a CONTRACT at the time) I have been told that as I made a card payment to get my account up straight, I have technically set up a new contract and cannot give notice for 30 days at which time I can give 30 days notice to cancel! So, I'm stuck with Setanta for another 2 months minimum. Surely if I am starting a new contract, I should have been advised by some sort of script that should have been read out at the time I was calling as to the key terms and conditions. I have contacted OFTEL and have been advised to contact trading standards but can't get through (could it be everyone is trying too?!). Anyone else got any ideas because Setanta simply are not interested in assisting? I'm thinking of starting a campaign website to include a link to this blog and practical advice. What do you think and can anyone help to contribute to content in any way (such as legal consumer rights etc). Please contact me through email address at england-supporters.com . Regards, Andrew Davis. PS: suggestions for web address of the campaign site welcome!

Anonymous said...

Where do I start...?? I've been a Setanta customer since July 2004. I took Setanta as they had the live coverage rights to Scottish football. At the start it was 12.99 per month, over the last few months I've been paying £15 per month via direct debit. As an aside, at no point since July 2004 have they told me they would be increasing the price, they just increase it.

I found out recently they were offering Setanta sports for £9.99, so I called them and asked for my package to be reduced to £9.99 as a long term loyal customer. Nope, I had a 'contract' until July 07, I found this a bit odd. I dug out the original contract and to me it appeared as a 12 month contract, not a period of time Setanta can freely determine. I called back with this information(nigh on impossible to get through, the only way was to press the number as if you are a new subscriber, took nearly 90 minutes all in after being passed from pillar to post). I made this point to the contact centre, sent an email and sent a recorded delivery letter as I had no faith in them at all. I was told my direct debit would be reduced to £9.99 per month, but they wouldn't backdate it. At this point I was unhappy but just hoping I was down to £9.99 so I never have to contact them again. This month the direct debit comes off, £15. Hopeless, incompetent, embarassing, dishonest, I could say more but wont for legal reasons. I am going to call the office of fair trading, there seems nowhere else to go. FYI- I have called Setanta 4 times(0870 number as well), sent 3 emails(1 unsatisfactory reply), 2 recorded delivery letters(no reply) and still no joy. Rant over, extremely unhappy customer.

Estelle said...

They took £40.00 for a set top box which never arrived and started to take subscriptions from my bank account, I cancelled the direct debit and got the payments reversed, but cannot get my £40.00 back. I have telephoned on numerous occasions nobody ever resolved my problem although they said they would and call me back. I sent a recorded delivery letter, trading standards have written to them, all of which has been ignored. I am about to instigate legal proceedings.

Anonymous said...

These guys are the pits. Setanta use a different satelite signal which has obviously cost them less. They are new boys and if they want to do any good they need to start well. Their service is nearly as bad as the old NTL's (which was bad) and they are also robbing twats.

Anonymous said...

The words "disgusted" and "disgrace" are a bit harsh. There's been a big reform in a number of Setanta departments. People sacked, re-training given etc. All agents try their best to help customers. I don't really believe it's a rip-off. For each caller, they are told of the applicable charges, and if you don't agree with them don't subscribe; you're given a choice. For those who subscribe and then complain afterwards, it was your own mistake...

A Setanta employee...

Anonymous said...

My Dad spent a fortune on phone calls to Scotland trying to sort out his Top up TV problem. Each call gave a different reson for the problem. NOTHING worked. They all promised to fix it but never did. He has now gone to Sky. What a rip off Top up TV is. The customer service is a joke.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be taken into consideration the amount of calls these kind of companies must be receiving. Complaints about not being put on hold - they are saving you money on phone bills if you look at it that way, we just try again until we get through. cant say much on the technical problems as we have only experienced minor mishaps which have been resolved after phoning.

People having trouble cancelling and so on - terms and conditions are provided online and really should be read before signing upt to anything. We did and understood how it basically worked (30 days notice and so on). I know its a lot of reading but it ensures that you know what your entering into.

Anonymous said...

Ive had no setanta sports 1 on cable virgin media for the last two days, is anyone else having this problem aswell?
Setanta have to improve their system, this is not good!

Anonymous said...

OMG You cant complain about how you cant get through to them as they are dealing with high level of calls from other moaners such as yourselfs. And for all sky non viewers 9 times out of 10 its a sky fault. "No sattelite signal being received , but i get it on other channels" Thats because setanta broadcasts on a specific frequency and slight movement in dish can affect this.

Also, it is the customers responibility to read all terms and conditions before entering a contract.
If you are advised that you need a new box then you need a new box so dont bother arguing this either.
Overall, as with anything there can be problems with the service and customers should understad that setanta has bitten off more than it can chew just now. I have been receiving setanta on my freeview box for several months now and find the service to be good value and when i had slight technical difficulties the person on the phone took me through several steps and i was up and running.

Yours Sincerely
Mr P Enis

Anonymous said...

All to watch some1 else kick a peice of leather round a feild.
Sad, very sad.
Cut down on you pork life mate,
get some execise.

Lee M

Anonymous said...

I am too exhausted from the ordeal to explain here but Setanta have given me the worst service I have ever experienced. Their customer service is the most unorganised, fraudulent service I have ever had. I have sent so many emails and not even received a response saying sorry for the delay in replying.

Anonymous said...

THINK SERIOUSLY BEFORE SUBSCRIBING TO THIS WRETCHED COMPANY! They have absolutely NO idea about customer service, (well there is none). The most inefficient, incompetent, unhelpful, unacceptable, frustrating, people to have to try and communicate with! All too easy to subscribe to, but a total nightmare to try to cancel. I have been trying without success to cancel my monthly subscription with Setanta for the last six weeks! NO EASY TASK!!!
I have spent and wasted hours on end on the telephone, talking to idiots. I have sent numerous direct e-mails, only to be told that I have to put it in writing and post to them. No doubt it won't even be as simple as that. I'm sure they will be able to drag my cancellation out for a few more months yet! It is amazing that you can so easily 'subscibe' or do anything else on line or e-mail, EXCEPT TO CANCEL!!! BE WARNED...Just don't bother in the first place!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Guy above; fuck you.
Some of the people who work at Setanta do their best. But when they get customers like you, it's hard to want to help you.

You make our job shit, and 9 times out of 10 it's not our fault, ti's yours.

Bet you haven't read the T&C's.
As it states pretty clearly that you can't cancel within your first 30 days, and you have to give 30 days notice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Setanta employee - where is the phone number on your website? Do you even have one? Great customer service. Incredible.

BTW - it's 08712 003 322

Anonymous said...

My problem with Setanta is not that I can't view it's with one of their offers. I took out a package in August 2008 and they offered free Callaway golf balls_(worth £30-£40).
To date and after numerous phone calls I still haven't received them. The customer service personnel keep apologising and stating it has been taken up with their supervisors and i should receive the balls in a week or so. It's now November and still nothing!!!
I've even emailed the gits and still get nowhere.
It's not about the balls now but the principle. I think the customer service is nothing short of disgraceful!

Anonymous said...

Well another customer lost. This company are frauds! I have been a Sky Customer for over two and a half years and no problems. With these since July and problem after problem. DO not subscribe to these as they are not trained to deal with the most simple of things. I write letters and still no reply.... after 51 days

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm the guy a couple of posts back who had the problem with the golf ball offer.It's now mid-jan 2008 and I'm still waiting. I've tried all sorts-phone calls and emails-in fact I have called so many times that I must have spoken to all their agents!! I'm always polite and they always promise to get it sorted in fact they have escalated my complaint to so many departments that they must be running out of crap to tell me. As I said before it's the principle now and I refuse to stop badgering them. I really can't believe what can be so difficult about putting a box of golf balls in an envelope and sticking my address on it! THESE PEOPLE WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS IF IT POKED THEIR BLOODY EYES OUT! If I carried on like that in my job I would be sacked and probably subjected to a discipline hearing.Come on Setanta SORT IT OUT

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, just spent 3 DAYS trying to get through to the customer service, then after speaking to 8 different agents in 3 different departments still nothing works. So I thought one last chance, spoke to what it seemed was a well trained agent, spent 4 mins on that call and he had solved the problem that the previous 8 agents had failed to see. So heres me wondering what kind of training do these guys get? Turns out this agent has been working for Setanta for over 3 years hence how the problem was solved. Why cant Setanta train all there agents to that standard? After that call my viewing was on withing the hour. so all credit to that guy.

Anonymous said...

It's a relief to find that there are so many people that have had problems with Setanta Sports.So it's not just me.I've been trying to get their channels on Satelite since before Christmas 2007.I've NEVER had problems with Sky.
This Company is clearly hasn't a clue.For a kick off they need more staff you can't have customers on hold for hours at a time.
I would like to have seen this weekend's Australian Rugby League games but I've given up now.

Anonymous said...

I singed up for setanta in november, it was fine and then in january i decided i diddnt want it anymore, no problems or anything i just simply diddnt feel the need to keep paying when i hardly ever watched it. So i rang setanta and they said they would cancel my account, so i think ok.
February comes, and i find ive been charged for another month, so i ring up setanta and they tell me that they had so many people cancelling at the time that they hadnt processed my cancellation yet...yes i know very wierd.
So i agree and accept the charge and get setanta for one more month.
So here we are in march, and what do i find? they have charged me for another month but they still managed to cancel the signal..so i ring up and this time they assure me that i will get my money back for thsi month and that my subscription has been cancelled.
i cannot wait till april

P.S people who are slagging off sky, they are nothing compared to setanta and as setanta is third party signal and all that is down to setanta not sky

Anonymous said...

hello guys.

i'm so glad to see all the complaints you are saying bout satanta sports. thought i was being paronoid for the last 6 months. i have tyried calling Satanta but if your lucky you may get an answer coz i never do. Then you writ a letter of complaint with a standard letter being sent back to you GOD I FEEL SOO VALUED, In my opinion if you are offered a package pay sky box office at least it a definate viewing

Anonymous said...

I am having problems viewing setanta theough my sky plus box. All other channels fine,i've had a gutts full of this channel so i'll just have to fork out more cash for skysports:(
whats the point with saying you can get all these sports live and exculsive when the only time you get to watch is in a few days after the event,absulty rubbish,this problem only occurs when there's a demand for a event HELL YEAH thats the whole point i thought!!!!!!!!!!
cant get todays Game no sig crap same as the boxing the other day, i stayed up till early hrs only to get no sig on the screen that for bogall Setanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm wanting to watch Chelsea v Boro but once again the channel isn't available. Seems to happen most weekends. Terrible service.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Just thinking to my self by the time i get through to customer service my phone bill has been charged £10 because i've been on hold for 3 hours trying to get through.
If everyone just stuck to sky and paid that little extra for Sky Sports none of us would have anything to write and complain about. Satanta Sports Stinks

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I live in Kent and get a very blocky and jumpy picture. I actually get Setanta Ireland fine but 1 and 2 are awful. I phone Setanta they blame Sky, Sky blame Setanta im gutted as im a huge boxing fan.

My advice is until they sort out there problems avoid like the plague there customer service sucks big time.

Anonymous said...

Why does it close at 3.00am on freeview? I pay full rpice yet can't see most of the live boxing matches? All other channels are 24 hour so it is Setanta's choice and not a technical issue.

ANGRYMAN said...

I cancelled my Setanta sub on January 17th, during the conversation they tried to persuade me to stay, offered a discount to £5 a month - I've just discovered I'm still receiving it, still being charged! - phone call to Setanta followed, 7 requests required to get to speak to a manager who apparently would "only the same the same as me" - that they have no record of the phone conversation! - so how come I have a 6 and half minute call on my BT phone bill to Setanta on 17th January! - if I want a refund I have to write in etc etc - what a dreadfull company, was thinking about re-subscribing at start of next season - but now - no no no never ever again! - you have been warned

Anonymous said...

I subscribed last night. The pciture quality is horrible. Called to resolve. Gave up after waiting 20 minutes the first time. Called the second time managed to speak to someone after 6 minutes. They couldn't help except blaming everyone else. I called again to cancel my subscribition, only to be told that I have to wait for two months now!!

Really frustrating. First and last time that I have subscribed.

Anonymous said...

I subscribed day before yesterday to watch IPL Cricket. Just can't get a clear picture and keeps breaking up ! Tried calling Setanta Customer Service but no one answers and you get a recorded message saying "due to other customers being served etc etc" and asks you to call later. That proves they have a number of dissatisfied customers all calling to have problems resolved !! This continued for 5 hrs last night. Could not watch the first IPL match !
What a disappointment ! Setanta Customer service is terrible (non existent) ! How can their business be viable ?

Anonymous said...

I've had Setanta for 12 months now and i'm still paying the £15 a month in the hope that one day i'll be able to watch the Australian Rugby League again! As for this Joe Calzaghe Bernard Hopkins fight that starts in a few hours...I give up!!! I have Full Signal Strength and Quality
I don't see any of the improvements that Setanta are said to be making but hey fool for me because i keep on giving them my money!

Anonymous said...

Setanta at your peril - see letter below
I am absolutely disgusted at your customer service and request a full refund.
I was bought a freeview cam pack as a present and telephoned to activate on 17/4/08.
I was told i must pay £9.99 up front and signed up for direct debit.
Over a period of 6 hours i was past from person to person at your call centre because the signal was all scrambled and no one at the call centre was interested or had a clue how to resolve it. eventually i was told nothing could be done about it. I ask them to cancel my direct debit.
I was told this could not be done as i had agreed to a two month contract. so i was paying for something i could not watch.
As i am currently a sky customer also, on 18/4/08 i contacted Setanta again. I asked if my account could be transferred over so i could watch via satellite tv. I was told this was not possible and i would have to open a separate account. I was put on to a senior advisor and as an incentive i was offered a 3 month package for £5 per month. I agreed as i was keen to see the boxing. After an hour the signal came through perfect, but an hour later it was scrambled, and impossible to watch (all my other sky channels, perfect picture).
I contacted setanta again and after being put on hold for over 30 minutes i was told no one was available to help resolve my problem.
An advisor called Tim Bradford said he understood my problem and was sick of dealing with similar complaints he said he was fed up of phobing people off but he could do nothing.
I am now left with 2 setanta packages i am unable to watch and a massive phone bill.
All i want now is to be free of your company and all the stress it has caused me.
I have looked up all the complaint on the internet and judging by them i am aware you probably wont even respond.
With this in mind i will send a written copy of this letter to your London head quarters recorded delivery, and to OFCOM and trading standards.
Break down so far
Card and Cam £39.99
Freeview subscription £9.99
Satellite subscription £15
Telephone calls at premium rate? not yet received the bill but i suspect substantial.
I estimate i will have spent about £70 for a service i am not receiving.
I look forward to receiving you reply

Anonymous said...

To all you customer that dont read t&c or ask about them when you are handing over payment details to any company more fool you!
As a happy customer of setanta sport's i fully understand all the t&c as they where sent out with in my first 3 days, i also spoke to the lovely staff at the call centre, who made me fully aware of the advanced billing and why it is put in place! You do get your free month with the card packs, as it would normally cost £29.98 which is made up of £10 connection ( Which you get for free) £9.99 for your first month which (you get for free) and the advanced billing which you pay in your first month and receive a full 30days worth of the channel at no extra cost once you call them and let them know you wish to cancel!

I Always get through when i call

The Staff have always been helpful

and channel is great

And Good Value, Its only £9.99 a month for goodness sake



Anonymous said...

I have read all the comments above and, because of those comments, fortunately, I haven't even bothered to try ringing to complain! It would seem to me that there is something inherently technically wrong with the Setanta service.
Does anybody who understands the workings of satellite reception explain what these problems might be. In plain English, please! I should add that my reception quality on Setanta is, largely, shite, especially at times of obviously high demand. The quality of reception on my Sky channels at times of high demenad is absolutely fine!

Anonymous said...

I changed from the Freeview platform to the satellite platform because I wanted to view the Setanta Golf channel.Through freeview picture was fine.Through satellite evertime it rains the picture pixalates and breaks up and is impossible to watch.Other satellite channels all fine.
Have had 3 visits from an experienced engineer at a cost of £95 and he has changed all the equipment ( except for the dish) and put in new cabling.Still the picture breaks up when it rains.Signal strength is 85% and signal quality 50-60%.
Anybody else had this problem??

Anonymous said...

The terms and conditions are available on the website 24 hours a day 7 days a week you should have perhaps read them before you gave your payment details over the phone. setanta customers are the biggest complainers ever. if you had read your terms and conditions when you got them then maybe there wouldnt be so many complaints. when you sign up for a mobile phone contract you can't cancel giving 30 days notice. you have to pay the whole year. what is the problem, put it in a letter and post it job done. you're all a bunch of yaps who we have to listen to 8 hours a day. read your terms and conditions we arent making them a big secret.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the information provided on the hitCounter on this blog, the person who wrote the above comment is a member of Setanta Sports staff. It's interesting that they are so abusive about their customers.

The person who sent it has the following details

range81-132.btcentralplus.com IP Address
Date 11 Jul '08, Fri, 21:24:55Organization British Telecommunications
City Penicuik

Anonymous said...

You are so right the person who posted the pro Setanta blog has obviously never tried to cancel a Setanta subscription! Believe me they DO NOT accept cancellations even by registered letter. They will keep taking CC payments long after you have asked them to cancel. Take a look at BBC 606 site that has the reputation of serving thousands of football fans from many different teams and dozens of clubs. Setanta staff are trained to ignore or tell porkies if you do finally make contact with customer services.

Anonymous said...


1. Follow Terms & Conditions (T & C) in small print that you have signed upto.
2. Send e mail with reasonable notice according to T & C. They want a WRITTEN NOTICE. Emails are acknowledged by Setanta as received - keep that e mail. T & C states WRITTEN notice. Does not state e mails are not aacceptable.
3. Cancel your card or stop Direct Debit mandate after reasonable notice as per T & C.
4. Finally, if they continue to harass you for money write a letter threatening with legal action as you have stuck to THEIR T & Cs.

Anonymous said...

This company are an absolute bunch of jokers. I will return to SKY.

Anonymous said...

I bought a setanta pack today. Put the card in, followed instructions and still got no signal sent through 9 hours later. Called up there centre about 5 times, and they all told me different things. Pretty poor start. Missed the England game i was hoping to watch. I suppose SKY is expensive, but judging from the amount of complaints on here about setanta, its for a reason. Setanta is a joke. I just hope the signal will be put through tomorrow and i wont have to wait for an average of 7 minutes on the phone to them.

Jockavelli said...

Ok as a customer of setanta since they started i have noticed how the pic quality has changed.

When they only had the SPL pic was good, steady most of the time.

But when they got the EPL they changed to a lower transponder (their choice NOT sky's), lowered the bandwidth, hence the poor pic quality, as for customers not getting a singal, pic breaking up this too is due to the change in transponder to one that SKY has not used for many years.

In a nutshell ALL yes ALL problems are the responsibility of SETANTA.....

I've tried complaining to them about this but they claim ALL transponders have the same frequency & bandwidth..... if that was true we would only pick up about 2 channels........


Anonymous said...

i got setanta for the nrl, the problem is that when ever it bloody rains you lose the signal and as you know living here in he uk there is plenty off it. they really need to sort this out!!!!is you are thinking about gettin this channel be aware.

Nico said...

Got told by subscriptions today that Customer Service is shut at weekends so dont subscribe too soon to the start of it or expect any assistance at the weekend!

Supervisor didnt admit it but suggested I need'nt bother trying as they have a large number of calls to deal with - a bit like the customer service message which doesnt let you queue but tells you to call back later......every time!

Bit scandalous not having a customer service department open at the weekend when you take the money and provide false promises.

Wanted them to cancel my subscription (which hadnt technically started) but was tols to call back (suprise, suprise)Monday. Wonder if I will be charged for the 3 days should my transmission comes on-line or rather 4 by the time my cancellation letter gets with them?

Im going to try customer services again.

Anonymous said...

Setanta gets me so mad, for the second time ive stayed up to watch UFC and the coverage finished (At 5AM) before the main event. What is the point and more to the point what are satanta trying to do to fix the problem. UFC is one of the fastest growing sports and setanta will be the fast company losing custom if this carries on!!!!!

mdhosko said...

Wife bought Setanta viewing card pack as a early birthday present. Croatia v England were playing at 8 so I went online at 6pm to active it and at 7.30pm it became active. Great I thought and settled down to watch the game. They had just kicked off when it froze and turning it off and on again, all I got was a black screen. I called and finally got through to Setanta who said they would send a booster signal and to wait between 15 minues to an hour. It's 10.30pm and I'm still waiting!! If it doesn't come on for the Spurs v Aston Villa game on Monday then I'm going to cancel it and contact Watchdog and spread the word how shit they are!!

Anonymous said...



Stan said...

This seems to be a never ending problem. I note that lots of people keep posting comment here but has anyone had any solutions to their problems ? Can they share them with us ?

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only person with signal problems (or so Setanta made out!) until I found this blog. We have had problems since signing up to the satellite package with pixelating images on live games and jumping/flickering/freezing screens. Been through the hours of waiting for a cust serv person and getting nowhere. We therefore thought cancel satellite and try the Freeview! Big mistake we got the Freeview and this is just as bad. We're now in dialog with Setanta over our cancelled direct debits for both services as apparently we didn't go through cancellation procedure properly - strange I would have thought 9 phone calls to their Customer Services tellling thewm that their service was crap and as I was not prepared to pay for a service I wasn't receiving that I was cancelling my direct debits / subscriptions was quite clear!!!!

Just off to email them again to try and get the message over that I ain't paying for something I haven't got! They'll probably get the message eventually - hopefully people stop signing up and we can get a decent provider of live football.

Anonymous said...

Let me just clear some thhings up, When i go to watch the premiership football games on setanta the signal is rubbish and my screen goes blank, to all those people saying it is sky's fault it is not!!!! all my other sky channels work perfectly fine it is setantas fault as they do not have the capabilities to supply the demand for there service, so infact what they are doing is promising football on there channel and not delivering it, so it works out that you pay to watch a blank tv screen!!! the football was better when it was on sky, and also the ufc programmes were much better when on bravo, now that i pay for the ufc stuff i am worse off as the picture quality is rubbish. SETANTA ARE RUBBISH!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just cancelled my setanta sports after 2 months, terrible coverage, impossible to get in touch with customer service. never again.

Anonymous said...

If you have experienced a crap service or no service from Satanta, put a post on your Football, Rugby or Cricket club fans forum web site. That way you might just stop others from making a big mistake and signing up for a crap service.

Anonymous said...

Had the great idea to treat myself to Setanta Sports. This is a copy of my 5th and probably last email to Setanta. I will let you know the outcome.....

Firstly: PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. Ok, I got Setanta sports just over a month ago and have so far managed to watch 1 RUGBY MATCH! Ths signal is totally pixelled, frozen, or non existent. More than not, non existent. Now, my subscription is on my sky card - SKY channels all work perfectly. I have a second digital box and tried the card in this, signal quality and strength up to about 80% and 'no signal received' message, when trying to watch Setanta 1 or 2. I have tried everything and can only take comfort from 'norfolkblogger' which has numerous others on their site with similar problems. I am obviously not alone, and from the messages on this board, I have decided not to try waste my time trying to contact you by phone. This will be my last email. If you reply with helpful advice to solve the problem (and any compensation for a months crap service) maybe I will give Setanta one last try. Useless advice or no reply within 72 hours max and my next mail will be to cancel my subscription. No exceptions, no excuses and plenty of advice to anyone thinking of subscribing to Setanta. I will explain my experience honestly and precisely. By the way, my last email WAS NOT REPLIED TO, so no second chances.

Anonymous said...

I had an issue with setanta, the problem was every single week (on cue) before a big match the signal went. I do honestly think that if there is a high volume of people tuning in, and they cannot supply all the demand but still have the nearve to charge for it! YES, thats FRAUD.

I digress, one time I desperately tried to watch the match and had enough of the treatment. I rang customer service and after 32minutes of waiting i got through to an Pakistani call centre. Get this, the guy told me I must have pressed the wrong digit on the automated response and told me (quote) "Chat to customer service and talk out of your a**e to them". Setanta are a disgrace and I hope trading standards come down on them like a ton of bricks for thier poor business practices.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see so many people having so many problems.Joined setanta to watch the England match,after paying my setup up fee and subscription, 2 days later got a bill for the same amount after already paying.Phoned customer services to sort it out and was told i had to write.So told them to cancel my subscription,they told me they would after they had taken another months payment.As yet 3 months down the line still haven`t been able to cancel due to suspicious loss of canellation e-mail.After speaking to them on friday i was told they would cancel afeter another months money has been taken.I have got onto my credit card as they did not have permission to take the money and are using allsorts of excuses to continue to take the money.Wonder if this months e-mail will go missing.If it does going down the legal route.All i wana do is cancel.

Anonymous said...

Using the remote control press SERVICES, then SYSTEM SETUP, then ADD CHANNELS.
Change the frequency from 11778 to 11587
Change the polarity from V to H
The channels will now appear. Use your YELLOW button to place a tick mark next to each one. Now press SELECT.
A message saying 'channel line up complete' will appear.
The channels you stored are here, simply select one to view.
Picture is 100% perfect without any interruptions

Anonymous said...

how can they get away with charging people monthly when everytime i try to watch setanta i can't! im so pissed off with it! get the football back on sky sports. i never had any trouble watching a game on there!

will said...

Hi everyone,
Last September I bought (from Sainsbury's) our son a freeview Setanta to take to University. It said on the box Free Installation. When I registered it the 'agent' said if you pay the £14 installation I can give you 6 months subscription free, which I did. They've charged me £10.99 after 3 months, deny they ever had a 6 month deal and want to charge me another month to cancel. Anyone else had the same problem?

Steven said...

I purchased a setanta set top box today and set it up. all seems to be working fine until I tried to plug this into my digital tv/media center. At which point the signal was reported as scrambled. When I spoke to customer services (ha! what an ironic term that is !) I was told this would only work if plugged into a non digital tv.

This was not clearly stated when either taking out the contract or on any of the documentation I got with the set top box I bought. And before any of the Setanta employees jump in with their standard T&C quotations or 'you lot are just moaners' retorts let me just say YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT!

If you sell a service you are expected to provide the service. You cannot come back saying 'did you read the small print', 'its not our fault its so and so's fault, everybody hates us we're so hard done by'

If you sell a product that is not fit for purpose you are obliged to take it on the chin and accept your failings. If you were more customer focused instead of being pig-headedly defensive, quoting T&C blindly you would probably make your lives allot easier and perhaps keep some potential customers.

After having the service for 6 hours and finding it not fit for purpose I spoke to 6 different people in 'customer services' trying to cancel this service to be told I couldn't even request the service was cancelled for another 2 weeks, in writing or not!!

Unacceptable! and if not explicitly fraudulent it is certainly certainly dishonest and obstructive.

I will now cancel any payments, and advise everyone I know of the down right appalling customer focus from this company!

Anonymous said...

Tried to watch the Arsenal vs Burnley game today. Pixellated screen, sound synching issues, "No satellite signal being recieved" followed by "Technical problem" message yet every other channel works fine. last 20 mins of the first half had a blue screen so I listened to it on the BBC online. Live events on Shitanta are a lottery. It's an utter disgrace

Anonymous said...

tried to find a pub showing the FA cup semi final...as on several occasions with the England games...the amount of bother trying to find a pub to watch a national side or cup competition. bogtrotting c***s, should not have the rights to show important games, I dont care about the money, this is out of national principle. Is a bloody disgrace, the sooner they go to the wall the better. Coverage is lousy anyway

Bazaar said...

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