Job centre recruiting for prostitutes ?

Hat tip to Ordovicius for this rather stunning story about how a Job Centre is placing adverts for "Escorts - £100 an hour".

The Daily Post reports that

"An advert on the government-run Jobcentre Plus website seeks men and women to “provide clients with a personal escort service in an unsupervised environment.” But a website for the firm which placed the vacancy ad makes clear the services on offer are somewhat less innocent.

One girl, Samantha, charges £150 an hour or £950 for an overnight job, and offers “no-strings adult fun, men only”.The decision to place the adverts was last night defended by the Department for Work and Pensions, but criticised by a leading charity.

The advert on the Jobcentre Plus website claims it is seeking men and women to work between 10 and 30 hours, for at least £100 an hour.It reads: “No experience necessary. Vacancy not suitable for under 18s. Duties involve providing clients with a personal escort service in an unsupervised environment."

Ordovicius has more on his blog about this, which I recommend you to read. This includes details of the applicants being asked which sexual positions and acts they are not comfortable with !

You cannot believe that any official at the Job Centre could possibly believe this is the sort of profession that should be advertised and recruited for in a Job Centre, even if it is the oldest profession in the world.

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David Allen said...

Nich, if they pay their tax and NI, why should you object? The public are far more concerned with holes in the road than whores in the road.... If we can make whoring VAT-able as well, then I'm even more in favour. Helps to keep MY taxes down.