If there is "no problem" why does Cameron need a "fightback"

For weeks bloggers like myself and journalists have been taking delight in Cameron's woes. Party donors refusing to give money to the Tories, shadow ministers resigning, backbenchers calling for a leadership challenge and the debacle in Ealing over David Cameron's personal choice of Tory candidate blowing up in their faces.

Throughout all this period Tory bloggers and David Cameron himself have been telling us all "there is no problem".

So if there is no problem, why does he need a fightback ?

Dave's fightback is, of course, a return to the old disingenuous past. Promises of things but no way of explaining how they will be paid for. Just days after promising the rich tax cuts, he now claims to be campaigning on issues like the NHS. I would be interested to hear how he is going to pay for these things given the massive give away his party promised just last week. But isn't that the Dave way ? Vacuous promises with no hint of how they might be implemented ?

The truth is that "call me Dave" has had 18 months of honeymoon whilst he went around being vague and not being Tony Blair, but as soon as meat is put on the bones and people find out what the Tories stand for, they realise they are the same old party that everyone wanted rid of back in 1997.

On top of all that, the Tories are led by someone who let it be known he was the "heir to Blair" just when everyone was sick of Blair and the last thing they want is another one.

All things taken together, it will take more than a relaunch to see Cameron overtake brown in the polls again.

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