How much CO2 are the Heathrow protesters putting out ?

Just how much CO2 is being emitted by protesters going to Heathrow to protest against people getting on planes that emit CO2 ?

How much CO2 is being thrown out of the back of police cars and extra security staff's vehicles to make sure that Heathrow is protected ?

It reminds me of back in 1996 or 1997 when a group called something like "Reclaim the Streets" has a march against the car in Coventry when I was at University there. Thousands of people marched through with anti car banners. A lovely principle were it not for the fact that the car park was full of very inefficient old Campervans with CND stickers on and a range of other old gas guzzlers painted in an array of psychedelic colours. It appears that virtually all the anti car protesters turned up by car !

So will the action at Heathrow change anything ? No, of course not. but it will allow a large number of middle class lefties the chance to live in a tent for a weekend, not wash and let their clothes get filthy before going home to mummy and daddy to tell everyone that they are changing the world.

Update - Small Town Scribbles appears to have thought along similar lines too.


schmoo said...

I agree! You might enjoy this: climate change camp crazy creepy cranks

Anonymous said...

I'd do something to move them on but I can't say otherwise Mark Packaging would put me into another Focus!

Letterman said...

To be fair to them the majority of a car's emissions are given off when it is produced so it is usually better to run out an old car than buy a new super efficient one - but I take your point.

In terms of the Heathrow protests, surely your just nit picking a bit? You might not agree with what they're doing but its a bit of a silly argument to tot up the minutiae carbon emmissions compared to the serious point they're making.

Scribbles said...

It is not nit picking! How about if I were to run an Anti-Violence campaign and tried to get my point accross by running around hitting everyone over the head?

I think the line "but I can be violent because I have an important message to send out" would not go down too well.

If humans are responsible for GW, then EVERYONE needs to change their behaviour, and that very much includes the eco-idiots.

If the GW campaigners are to have any credibility, then they must be a shining example to the rest of us. They cannot carry on as before and say "but, yeah, i exempt myself from having to change the way I do things because my message is so important." It's just nonsense, very irritating, and shows them up for what they are - careerists jumping on the GW band wagon.

And as for their oh so important message. Haven't we all got the fricking message by now without a bunch of self-righteous egotists poncing around in front of the TV cameras complaining about the police (I'm paying for with my taxes) doing their job?

That's what I think.