Hooray for Simon Cowell

This headline tries to make out that Simon Cowell is some sort of monster, however I welcome his decision to see sense in this particular case.

For anyone who didn't see "Britain's Got Talent", the girl in question, Connie Talbot, warbled her way through songs in a way that sounded so trained, so copying of an adult style of singing that in the same way as it brought tears to the eyes of Amanda Holden, a judge on the show, it brought tears to my eyes like someone had poured mustard up my nose. I really couldn't bare to listen to Connie sing and it was hard for me not to turn the TV over.

So well done Simon Cowell. You should be rewarded, not vilified, for deciding not to offer the girl a record contract


Tristan said...

Going back on a promise is a bit crap, but I think that he did the right thing in the end...

Anonymous said...

If Cowell had said: "I prefer that children learn to live, not earn a living", I would have applauded too.

Maybe he didn't want to help create another trashtastic popwreck. Maybe. I suspect however the real objection was to a crazed stage mom or to unreasonable contract demands.