National Conversation Policy or Nationalist Conversion policy ?

Isn't funny how political parties spend years campaigning against spin and the vacuous politics and gestures of the Tony Blair years only to get in to power and then sound exactly like Tony Blair.

Today the SNP launched what it called a "national conversation". What does this mean ? It means exactly the same as it did when Labour did the same thing two years ago.

So what is the SNP's national conversation ? Well it appears that it involved the SNP spending a lot of tax payers money on going round the country indoctrinating/education people on why Scotland should be independent.

The chances of it being a conversation are nil.

A conversation is a two way thing and there is absolutely no chance that the SNP wants to listen to people's views and words if they are pro union, so the word conversation is completely wrong.

The fact is that their national conversation policy is in reality a nationalist conversion policy. But then again, as I wrote earlier, as soon as some people get in to power they sound like Tony Blair.


lunartalks said...

If nothing happens can we call it a national constipation?

Tristan said...

That's politicians for you...