Are Americans really that dim ?

I read this article on the BBC with some dismay today.

It seem that some Americans are angry with David Beckham and are waving banners and protesting at games because, get this, he is not playing because he is injured.

Well David, hang your head in shame. How very lazy. Fancy not playing because you are injured.
And what happens on his return ? See the YouTube clip below and find out for yourself.


Tristan said...

Its no different from people over here complaining that footballers get paid so much.

That's all it is really. Especially given he's being paid so much more than any of the other players...

Anonymous said...

But they are not moaning about how much he is being paid, they are moaning that he is not playing with an injury !

Norfolk Blogger said...

If he is fed up with it he can come and play for Everton or even Norwich if he wants.