Ads pulled from Facebook after appearing on BNP group pages

The has been a lot of coverage this week on TV about advertisers losing control of where their ads are placed on the internet. Earlier this week Panorama asked why a number of UK companies like Virgin, O2, various banks and other high street names were allowing their adverts to be placed alongside images of appalling violence on websites such as YouTube. Now it appears that Vodafone and First Direct have been caught out too.

Ads placed on Facebook by Vodafone and First Direct have now been pulled after these companies were informed that their adverts were appearing on group pages for the British National Party.

Of course, its not these companies who are at fault, but it does again highlight that internet advertising has got to become more focused. There is a lot of nasty stuff out there on the internet and advertisers have been too willing to lose control of where their ads go and this is something they will have to get a grip on or before too long a company is going to find its ad on a site showing abuse, pornography or murder.

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Anonymous said...

There are few companies who would want to be associated with fascists.