400 Norwich Union IT jobs to go

Norwich Union are set to announce today up to 400 job losses amongst IT staff in Norwich. Aside from the devastating blow this will have on the local economy, it is yet another sign that Norwich is, for Norwich Union, just a brand to put on their logo and any sense of having an interest in the economic well being of the city is long gone.

On the bright side, this will no doubt be good news for India, as every set of job losses in the UK sees more and more jobs transferred to India just as other companies are repatriating jobs back to the UK.

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Jock Coats said...

This brings up something that has irked me for a while...

I bank with the Co-op, well, Smile to be exact, and every time they offer to lend you money, on credit cards or loans or whatever, they suggest you take out income protection insurance. But the policy they offer is an NU one. So I've told them to sod off, because CIS, with whom I have my household and motor insurance policies and who are of course part of the same Co-operative Financial Services division, offer such a policy themselves. And I don't want to deal with the outsourcers at Aviva or whatever it is NU are now called/owned by. I urge people to do likewise!