You can almost see the upset in Cameron's eyes on the news

No, the title isn't making reference to his visit to Rwanda. Instead, its the shocking realisation for David Cameron that he has left the UK and his constituency whilst the flooding, the biggest news story of the year, is hitting the UK and he isn't in the country to cash in on the publicity.


a curious friend across the pond said...

I don't believe it is for an American to comment on British politics, but having lived & suffered through a flood it is for me a personal matter. Let me put my concern in the form of a question so as not to offend.

Forty some years ago, a hurricane played havoc with south Louisiana. President Johnson wasn't going to come promptly assess damage. He was going to send a empowered delegate. Then-Senator Russell Long had to plead with the President to go to New Orleans himself, right away, not to wait. Had to tell him a leader's got to be seen taking care of his people.

My question is: how will Mr Cameron face the people of Gloucestershire when he put the people of Rwanda first in his book?

Simon said...

Well, we are in the tail end of this story (hopefully), which has been going on for weeks. The flooding of a water treatment works is just another chapter in an ongoing story.

It's a bit like having a go at Tony Blair for going away while the Iraq war is still going on.

Anonymous said...

I used o think you very different Nich - fair and open minded? Now I know you are totally anti-tory partisan. Don't bother replying because I won't read in future.

Norfolk Blogger said...

So Mr Anonymous, you are leaving me here alone ? Boo hoo, gutted, how will I console myself ?

Norfolk Blogger said...

BTW where do you get the "fair and open minded" bit from ?