Whilst Gordon Brown might be accused of inconsistency, you can't fault his political judgment

Gordon Brown's decision to axe the Manchester Super Casino and plans for any others must be seen as a clever bit of politics, capturing the support of some of the right wing press (notably the Daily Scum= Daily Mail) and church groups, but also putting clear blue (with the emphasis perhaps on "blue" between him and Tony Blair.

Critics can quite justifiably maintain that Brown is a hypocrite on this issue, he did, after all, support the Super Casino in the House of Commons, but Brown too can argue that he is listening to people's concerns, he has a new style of leadership and he is not afraid to listen.

The Super Casino is also an easy target in that the Manchester option had little support outside the city of Manchester whilst Manchester, a real hotbed of Labour support, is likely to mostly stand by Labour even if the Labour Party's policies are to the detriment of the city.

Nobody I knew could believe that Manchester had won the bid, so few tears will be shed for them tonight. Perhaps it opens the door for the Liberal Democrats in the city, but this is by no means certain.

So whilst we can all criticise Gordon Brown, there is no doubt that he is a shrewd politician who show perhaps better judgment on issue that perhaps Tony Blair had. he is playing a clever political game which appears to have wrong footed the Tories and stopped their bandwagon in its tracks.

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Stuey said...

That Manchester decision was an odd one from the off. The arguments about gambling addiction were all very valid and having it super casino in a resort went some way to negate that. Having a place in east Manchester that can generate untold misery for the locals but not really attract people from out of town was never a good idea....then to put a casino next to City's stadium just seems cruel.

Congrats on the fatherhood btw