What has Sir Patrick Cormack done to annoy the South Staffordshire Tory Executive ?

I was surprised when earlier in the year Sir Patrick Cormack was deselected by his local party executive. I was even more surprised when it was revealed that there were voting irregularities and that more votes had been cast than there were votes issued. So I expected that he would walk the reselection meeting.

However, the vote on whether he retains his place as the Tory candidate was announced as a tie, and will now have to go to a vote of the party members in South Staffs.

Sir Patrick says he is confident of their support. But you have to ask what he has done that has so annoyed his own local party executive. I am not alleging anything, but the is truth in the old saying that there is no smoke without fire.


Potterman said...

Don't know the exact reasons for South Staffs, but living in the North of the County, I can say that Sir Patrick seems semi-detached from the Party (in 2005 the word "Conservative" didn't appear on his Election Address; they have also had Boundary Changes losing some Wards to Cannock Chase which may have meant Sir Patrick lost some long-term supporters.

James said...

I think he rather cheesed some parts of the Tory party off by refusing to use some of the nationally produced Conservative material on his election leaflets in '05. i.e. he's just an politican with a sliver of integrity and we shouldn't have too many of those in the new hug-a-hoodie tory party!!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would vote to ditch him. He's a seat-blocker and should make way for new blood. He is, also, one of the most arrogant and pompous individuals that I have ever come across.