The Tories on Ealing - In the words of the Tory blogosphere

Doing a search of the Tory blogs this mornning brought up the following

From Ellee Seymour
"coming third was a bitter blow and a huge embarrassment."

"Tont Lit, despite his dashing Bollywood looks and huge popularity was obviously a flawed choice"

It is worth noting that Tony Lit was David Cameron's personal choice !

The Thunder Dragon puts it in even stronger terms when he says;
"It was pretty much an abysmal failure. At this stage in a Parliament, the Conservatives should be doing far far better in by-elections than a less than 1% increase in vote."

Iain Dale adds ;
"Although this is not natural Tory territory most observers would reckon that in the middle of the third term of a Labour government the party ought to be able to increase its vote share by more than 0.9 per cent."

Pretty strong words from someone who has much to be annoyed about given the CCHQ lies he has been asked to peddle throughout the campaign. Well done Iain for being honest now. The CCHQ stuff they fed you devalued your excellent blog.

And a comment from Conservative Home from Ellesmere Dragge at 10:47 am
"The message seems to be for Tories to return to their constituencies and prepare for another drubbing."

Perhaps the best and funniest of the comments comes from Dizzy Thinks, who wrote in advance of the results and included a response that would be appropriate for ach of the scenarios. As it was, scenario C was the one that was correct, and the comments were ;
"Oh look, I was totally wrong like most people who try to predict the results of elections. The Labour Party romped it and maintained their majority. The Lib Dems spanked the Tories who remain in third position. Ming's position is safe for now. Questions will now be raised about Tory stagnation. Perhaps Tony Lit's selection will be seen by some as the death bell tolling for Cameron's leadership?"

Anyone who finds a comment on another Tory blog wirthy of note, why not let me know in the comments.


Paul Walter said...

Can't top those Nich - the 'death bell tolling for Cameron' is particularly wonderful.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

Anonymous said...

It is all rather hilarious.

There are still Tories out there bloggin (Iain Dale for one) who are maintaining that the Lib Dems must be gutted. I think they are wrong.