Threats to Britain - Next they'll be telling us that bears shit in the woods !

So terrorists have threatened Britain with attacks because of Salman Rushdie getting a Knighthood. Isn't that like Hitler claiming he was going to bomb London in 1942 because British people were singing song claiming Hitler has only got one ball ?

I personally objected to Rushdie getting a knighthood, in part because I said these sorts of threats would rise, in part because I don't rate Rushdie as an author.

It remains to be seen if middle of the road Muslims will condemn those who threaten violence in this case. Moderate Muslims who may have opposed Rushdie's honour needs to come forward and explain that opposition to something can be expressed openly in the UK and that violence is not a solution, even if you may agree with it's aims.


wit and wisdom said...

Shame on you for objecting to Rushdie's knighthood. I have no particular fondness for him but I also don't see a knighthood for a pseud writer as a reason to blow people up.

He is a British writer being given a British honour. It has nothing to do with Islam, terrorism or any other country.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Shame on you for objecting to someone having freedom to object.