More criticism of Cameron highlights further issues for the Conservatives

Ali Miraj, a one time Tory candidate who, if I am correct, took the Tories from second to third in Watford, has criticised David Cameron for being all about PR and lacking substance. This isn't new in itself as so many Tories have criticised David Cameron in recent days that the list is turning in to a telephone directory. However, David Cameron's response was interesting.

"Call me Dave" claimed in response that Mr Miraj had asked, just a few hours earlier, for a peerage. Presumably David Cameron's response to Mr Miraj had been a negative one and this is the picture Cameron's team are trying to paint of Mr Miraj.

It might be a correct picture to paint. but, it asks questions of the Conservative Party that it appears that members, confidantes and aides of Mr Cameron feel it is possible to ask or request a peerage. Whilst it might not be on the scale of "cash for honours", the "support for honours" system seems to be working fine in the Tory Party. I thought the Conservatives were all about meritocracy, and perhaps Cameron's refusal to grant Mr Miraj an honour is a sign of this. But the Conservatives have got to stamp out any idea that by lending support or making massive donations (did anyone mention Lord Ashcroft ?) you will get a peerage.

If such a system did not exist, would Ali Miraj have asked ?

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