Lord Lester "I've not spoken to Ming Campbell about working with Labour"

Lord Lester on Radio Five has just admitted that he first spoke to Gordon Brown about constitutional matters a year ago and that he has not spoken to Ming Campbell at all about him working as an adviser to Labour.

Lord Lester said he has spoken to Tom McNally, but wouldn't you expect, given what Ming Campbell said a week ago about Lib Dems not working with Labour, that Lord Lester would have sat down with Ming and discussed this rather than going through a third party ?

The fact that Lord Lester accidentally referred to a Labour Minister as a "colleague" before correcting himself said a lot for me.


Paul Walter said...

Tom McNally is Lester's leader in the Lords so that it is quite proper. I am sure Tom would have asked Lester to talk to Ming if he thought it was necessary.

I used to refer to Conservative councillors as "colleagues". I don't see a problem there.

Lester is providing independent advice (I assume) so I presume McNally was happy that this was within the constricts of Ming Campbell's statement last week.

Have a couple pints of Wherry and then see if you are so worked up about this, Nich :-)

Paul Walter said...

I take back that bit about the Wherry - it appears from your post about smoking that you might have had a couple of pints last night anyway!

Anonymous said...

It's clear: Vote Lib Dem, Get Labour.