Live Earth Concert Wembley Stadium London - Surely the BBC can't cock up the coverage of this one

Last weekend I expressed a deep sense of annoyance at the ultimately very poor editing, presenting and organisation of the Diana Concert by the BBC. Most of the comments to my blog agreed that the coverage was a real let down, whilst some shared my almost allergic dislike of Fearne Cotton and her moronic ramblings (please BBC don't use her again).

So this weekend the BBC has a chance to make up for the disaster that was the Diana concert, and show is that they are up to the job of presenting the Live Earth Show from London in the professional way that we have come to expect from the BBC. With preesnters like Jonathan Ross and Russell brand reportedly lined up, it has got to be an improvement already, but what really let last week down was the poor sound mixing and the dreadful editing together of clips.

The BBC has responsibility for the Liver Earth show at Wembley Stadium in London and it would show this country up in a poor light if they messed up again.


wit and wisdom said...

Full marks on your vendetta against the idiotic Fearne Cotton - and your comments on the BBC. I still cannot believe they cut off Tony Blair's last moments in Parliament for an advert.

The BBC remains the finest broadcaster in the world by a country mile but standards are clearly slipping fast.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but what an excellent reminder it was against the dangers of drink driving.

Slight Fade said...

It's not only the BBC that cock up the sound at Wembley. I was there for Live Earth yesterday sat in the top section just the stage side of the halfway line and the sound was absolutely abysmal. You could hear the hum of the crowd above the music and the stage announcements were inaudible. It seemed you needed to be directly in front of the stage to get good sound. My wife and I left after the RHCP and watched the end and reruns on the tv. That sounded great.

Sam said...

I completely agree, but I left Live-Earth even earlier than you. I just couldnt stand it. What a waste. It may have been better if we had been able to see any screens from our seats, but bad sound and no view - what was the point of being there..


Brooks Bolin from Texas said...

A concert to change the temperature of an entire planet.

I can't think of anything more idiotic, to begin with.

Why would you fall for it in the first place?