Intelligence Committee observes "America couldn't give a damn for UK concerns"

The Intelligence and Security Committee has concluded in its report to Gordon Brown that the US government appears not to have cared one jot about the opinions of the UK government when they raised concerns about the illegal rendition of CIA prisoners to torture camps in other countries via UK airports.

The report stated ;

"This case shows a lack of regard on the part of the US for UK concerns - despite strong protests - and that has serious implications for the intelligence relationship,"

There is a feeling amongst the general public that the US takes the UK for granted. They give little and take a lot from us in terms of legitimacy, whilst the complete lack of respect highlight by the "Yo Blair" comment from George W Bush was just another example of how Britain acts like the US government's poodle.

Abroad, in Europe and beyond, people speak of how our two nations seem joined at the hip, which wouldn't be so bad if it were not for the fact that in this vision of two nations joined at the hip, the US is two feet taller meaning our feet never touch the ground and we have no way of directing where we go.

Let us hope that Gordon Brown will learn from the report and this will inform his relationship with America. There has already been some blowing hot and cold with America, with some minsters saying one thing and others something different, and whilst it is in our interests to be good allies with America we need more of a relationship like we had in the 1980's under, dare I say it, the Evil Mrs Thatcher (the reason I got interested in politics was through my loathing of that old witch). Like her or wish her dead, she demanded respect from Reagan and got it, and that is what we need to see from Gordon Brown.

The whole rendition business is deeply illiberal and is a nasty stain on this country's record. The fact that the USA was not prepared to listen leaves an equally nasty stain on our country's friendship and alliance.

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