If you were here ...

Two days ago, when I criticised David Cameron's publicity trip to Rwanda, Iain Dale criticised me in the comments section of my blog post and made references to the point "if you were here", meaning if I was in Rwanda.

Now Iain, is obviously doing some good work out in Rwanda, fair play to him, and I am sure his Tory colleagues will have lots of things to make them seem nice to put in their election leaflets when they get back (don't tell me that they won't Iain). But in may ways, I don't have to be there, in Rwanda to get a view as to what the mood is.

Let me point out what ITV news, who are there, in Rwanda, said tonight about Cameron.

They stated clearly that only a handful of Rwandan MP's turned up to hear Cameron's speech and even a Rwandan journalist asked what Cameron was doing in Rwanda when there was such severe flooding and hardship in his own constituency.

Of course Iain, and Dave, if you were here, you'd have read that Sir Stanley Kalms, one of the Tories biggest backers has criticised what is going on in the Tory party whilst recriminations continue to fly in the aftermath of the awful by-election results for the Tories last week.

Given everything the universally awful press coverage Cameron is getting, perhaps it is easy to see why Cameron might want to speak to a near empty room of Rwandan MP's rather than face his own lot at the moment.

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