Honesty pays off for Jacqui Smith over drugs past

Well done to Jacqui Smith for having the honesty to admit that she took cannabis more than 25 years ago whilst at university in Oxford.

As David Cameron said, every politician has the right to have a past, but I think Jacqui Smith has been completely right to avoid the Cameron line of maintaining a complete silence. Politicians can come over too often as preachy and holier than thou and for a politician to hold their hands up and say "I was wrong", is refreshing.

I am sure that people would hold MP's in higher esteem if they were more honest and didn't try and hide their past.

Over to you Mr Cameron.

UPDATE - It is worth nothing that Jacqui Smith was in Sedgefield on Monday for the by-election and on that day Labour were distributing leaflets attacking Greg Stone, the Lib Dem candidate for admitting having done what Jacqui Smith had done. What a hypocritical bunch labour are.

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James said...

I agree.

Cameron is just coming across and slippery and guilty by avoiding the question. I don't care whether he has done drugs or not but I don't speak for everyone. He should answer the question and the let the public decide what matters.