Have you stopped beating your wife ?

This article seems to be another version of the old question "Have you stopped beating your wife ?"

This is clearly just an attempt to discredit the Lib Dems early on in Ealing.

The Tories were already widely touting the fact on Politicalbetting.com that they needed to lie about the Lib Dems early on, and this seems to be the first of, no doubt, many Tory lies.

Credit is due, in part, to Iain Dale for clearly raising an eyebrow as to its credibility and printing Lord Rennard's clear response.


Anonymous said...

Your link is wrong. LInks to the next story

Norfolk Blogger said...

Now fixed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Rennard was not clear. Be honest, Nich.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit rich after a Conservative activist adviced his co-partisans in ConservativeHome to lie. But maybe Iain Dale is just following his advice.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, this whole story is utter twaddle. I can tell you how we got over 1,400 poster boards up in North Norfolk if you want ? Its called hard work and organisation and has nothing to do with money.