Guess who's coming to tea ?

Well done to Norman Lamb for his hard work over some years in getting out of the powers that be the list of all those guests who have been wined and dined at Chequers at our expense, as guests of Tony Blair.

The bizarre list include Vernon Kaye, Charlotte Church, Adrian Chiles and a whole host of celebrities that really leave you asking the question "What on earth were they doing there ?"

It seems that Tony Blair liked to surround himself with celebrities on order to make himself seem more important in the same way as the Beckhams have been doing in Hollywood.

I know Norman Lamb has been trying to get lists of guests for some time and Downing Street were reluctant to release lists to Norman in the run up to the 2005 election, hoping as they were that Norman would lose his North Norfolk seat and they could then hold on to the information. Quite why they were so secretive, people will have to draw their own conclusions, but as Norman says on the BBC website ;

"For reasons that defy rational explanation the government has been treating the fact that Tony Blair enjoyed drinks with Vernon Kaye and Charlotte Church as a state secret "

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that Vernon Kay, Adrian Chiles and Charlotte Church constitutes much of an A-list - Nich.