Good bloggers disappearing

For all the stats that are constantly reported about how ever many thousands of new blogs are started each day, one that is often ignored is the number that fold, close or are deleted each day.
In recent months regular blogs I used to read like Cassilis, John Wilkes Blog, Maltheus and now David Anthony's Republic have all stopped. Most of these were Tory blogs but were also good reads.

So I occasionally get worried when some blogs go a long time without being updated. So come on some of you other bloggers on my blogroll, particularly Hunter and Shooter and Matt Marshall who both write well on interesting subjects, and get writing.


David Anthony said...

Unfortunately, when time begins to get squeezed it is the non-bill paying activities that are the first to go.

And there's nothing worse than a badly maintained blog, so closure is usually the only option. Sad but true...

Denise G said...

People run out of steam, I think, Nich.

But it's better when they have steam coming out of them :-)

Nice blog, btw.