Gas bag George Galloway gets more time to top up his tan

You cannot help but smile when you hear that self publicist MP George Galloway has been suspended from parliament for 18 days.

Firstly, it is great he has received a punishment. His constant throwing back of accusations with counter accusation on Radio earlier was an insult to any intelligent person. It is clear from the report that this was the main reason for his suspension. Whilst Mr Galloway may not like the people who questioned him, there are plenty of people who do not like him either. Yet Mr Galloway seems to demand respect for him, because he is an MP, but then fails to give that same respect to others in the same position. His attitude is like some angry teenager lashing out at everyone because it is "so unfair". Kevin and George would perhaps have been more of an appropriate pair of names for Harry Enfield's "Kevin and Perry".

The other reason though to laugh about what happened is that a ban for George Galloway is hardly likely to hurt him. He voted just 68 times in parliament out of 529 opportunities to do so. That is just a 12% attendance. So a ban will probably mean more time in his villa in Portugal.

Oh how the residents of Bethnal Green, Bow and Poplar must be proud.

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