Film Proms on BBC 2 tonight

I'm one of those people who likes a bit of middle of the road classical, you know, the sort of stuff used in adverts and for films, and not the arty sort of stuff that the BBC Proms seems to be doing a lot of.

So I am really looking forward to watching the BBC tonight and watching the Film Proms, with music from classic film scores, both old and modern, be it The Dambusters of Harry Potter.

I think there is a lot of snobbery around concerning classic musical that is "popular", and too often film scores are overlooked as great pieces of classical music, yet there are masterpieces in their own way. John Williams score for the Star Wars films are stunning, but the fact that the part of the score known as "The Imperial March", is used on millions of ringtones and is played at concerts by groups such as Rage Against The Machine and Green Day says much about this type of music.

So tonight's concert, which even includes a medley of music from the "Carry On" films, on what is a British Film proms night will, for me, be a must see. Just so long as the BBC actuall show it as their TV listings says something different from the BBC proms site. I guess I might have to dust off the radio.

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