Does anybody want to be Conservative mayoral candidate ? Digby Jones doesn't

The debacle that is the Tory selection of their mayoral candidate continues to roll on with another possible candidate, who wasn't interested in being a Conservative candidate being named and shamed.

The Tories claim Digby Jones, a Peer with no political affiliation nearly became their candidate last year. Digby Jones' account appears to differ greatly from David Cameron's version of events, but what is clear is that the Tories were again having to try non Conservatives, such is the dearth of talent amongst interested Tories in the capital.

Nearly a year ago the Tories said they would shortlist candidates. This didn't happen, then they announced almost another year of searching, and still nobody has come forward as desperately keen. The fact that they have approached a number of non-Tories (remember Greg Dyke ?) speaks volumes about what the Conservative Party itself thinks of those who have put their hat in the ring.

So will the Tories pull a rabbit from the hat or will it be former DJ Mike Read ?

One thing the whole process does highlight, and this should be a warning to those in the Tory Party and outside who believe that elected mayors are a good thing, is that there is a perception that you need to have a celebrity or a name in order to get elected. This shouldn't be a good thing for democracy surely ?


Anonymous said...

It's not going as well as I would have hoped, but, remind me, who's your candidate?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Who is yours in Hornsey and Wood Green ?

I reported on the news today about the Tories. I refer to and report on topical news. That is why I wrote about YOUR candidate problems.

Don't be so touchy.

Anonymous said...

You may be writing about the Conservative Candidate. So now maybe I can ask if the Lib Dem candidates is ?

Or maybe you will be ill-liberal and not publish this !

Norfolk Blogger said...

The article is about the news. "News" is not what an anonymous commenter post on a blog. That is comment.

And I love the way anonymous commenters use the phase so regularly about "liberal" and "censorship" when they post silly comments.

As to your questions, you asked

"So now maybe I can ask if the Lib Dem candidates (sic) is ?"

I have to ask, what are you on about. If you meant to ask "who" rather than "if" then say it.

of course, you are also comparing chalk with cheese.

The lib Dems ahve not been going round asking anybody to stand for them and then going to the press aobut as the Tories have done. It seems the Tories are obsessed with running to the press and gaining coverage but then maon when people scrutinise the coverage they have so craved.