Are the Lib Dems targeting air con ?

Dizzy has an interesting analysis of written questions being asked by Norman Baker and Chris Huhne about government use of portable air conditioning units and asks is the party planning an extra tax on air conditioning units in the home ?

I would suggest that such a policy would possibly have a negative impact on our poll ratings and would, inevitably raise questions about raising tax on cars too as 75% of cars now produced have air con as standard. Such a policy could open a real can of worms.

Of course we have to do our part for the environment but is taxing home air con being considered by the party ?

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Joe Otten said...

I bought one of those portable air con daleks for my office and it is rubbish. The noise was about as offputting as the heat would have been. Not needed it yet this summer, mind.

My previous office had a built-in 2 piece air con and that was much better, quieter and more efficient, and could heat efficiently in the winter to boot.

I do think the daleks are generally a bad solution that we would do well to discourage. And I think a system of supertaxes on particularly bad products with little benefit is a good idea.

Car air-con is another question altogether. It is generally a lot more efficient than it used to be, and at high speeds it is likely to be more efficient than opening the windows, due to the drag.