Women punished for the men's failure

Sadly Charlton Athletic Football Club have taken the decision to stop all funding for their ladies football team as a result of the relegation of their mens team from the FA Premier League. This story is on the BBC website HERE.

I am not unaware that ladies Football does not make any money and I know that Charlton are facing problems because of relegation. But the cost of keeping a womens team going is something like the cost of paying one male player for three months or about £250,000. This does not include the fact that they will received some income back too. And, as the article on the BBC website explained, it is not as if Charlton Ladies has been unsuccessful.

What does this say about Charlton ? It tells me they care little about their reputation as a family club. Shouldn't they be telling female supporters that they too could represent their team ?

Sadly, the money is in the mens game and the costs are in the womens game. However, I think Charlton have made a silly decision.

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