Tory Hypocrisy - They're at it again !!!

Just four days ago the Tories announced proposals for more directly elected Mayors as part of Michael Heseltline's City task force report to David Cameron.

Today the Tories described the role of London Mayor as "The nearest thing we have to a dictator".

So are the Tories just opposed to Mayors of different political parties only ?

Do they propose more directly elected Mayors because they want more dictators ?

Is this a sign of more Tory hypocrisy ?


Anonymous said...

Justin Hinchliffe wont be happy !

Anonymous said...

It's the Tories saying they can't find a candidate capable of beating Livingstone in London.

Stuey said...

*chortle* At least they've actually out-lined a policy on something for once....even if it is wildly contradictory to some of their other public statements. A step in the right direction for Chameleon Dave methinks.

Funny how this didn't get much media coverage though, it's almost as if...