"Purity Ring" court case annoys Christians too

I was interested listening to the radio earlier to hear a Church of England priest complaining politely but lucidly about the absurdity of the 16 year old Lydia Playfoot's assertion that she has the right to wear her purity ring in school.

The priest stated clearly that there is nothing int he bible that says Christians must wear any sort of garment, clothing or apparel to flaunt or promote their Christianity. Indeed, she highlighted that Christianity is a faith that relies on actions more than gestures, citing that even Jesus spoke of having to follow Roman rules but acting in a Christian way. in fact, everything this priest said made Miss Playfoot's actions int he high court seem ludicrous.

Ms Playfoot cited Sikhism and other religions who wear special clothing, whilst ignoring the fact that it is spelt out clearly in their holy books that certain garments should be worn. this is not the case for Christianity. Miss Playfoot rather silly choice quotes from the bible that she uses in the BBC article HERE merely serve to undermine her arguments overall. After all, if we are to do everything mentioned it the Bible why doesn't she wear a tablet of stone with the ten commandments etched in to it or even eat loaves and fishes for tea each evening ?

We all have to accept people's religious faith, especially when it does not affect others. bit we also expect people to respect rules and not use their religion as an excuse to break rules, however minor, and try to use their religion as an excuse, even when that religion itself offers no excuses.

I am delighted that Ms Playfoot wants to advertise that she is going to live a "chaste" life. I have devoted most of my life, in part, to supporting Everton Football Club. Although not a religion, more people attend football matches each week than attend church. Should I have the right to wear Everton apparel all the time ? Should a child in my class have the right to display his or her club colours at all time. Where do we draw the line ?

Speaking to Christians I know today, they thought Ms Playfoot was being silly. Perhaps it shows why people regard some 16 year olds as too young to vote ?


Joe Otten said...

Is there any difference between the ring with a slogan and the T shirt with a slogan?

And does this come from the same people who brought us this creepiness:


Norfolk Blogger said...

And it is often this sort of fruitvake that labour would like to see running schools in the UK !

Anonymous said...

It is Lib Dem policy to allow sixteen year-olds the right to vote...

Another policy which you are at odds with!

Justin (signed out)

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, I said "Perhaps it shows why people regard some 16 year olds as too young to vote ?"

I didn't say I agree with them, I did say "some people".

However, I am not afraid to disagree with party policy on a range of issues. That is what is good about the Lib Dems, we are a broad church, but we don't make people wear rings in our church !

Ignác Pospíšil said...

Perhaps it shows why people regard some 16 year olds as too young to vote ?

It is funny. I am supporting Lydia, I agree with her viewpoint.

I am 28 year old. Perhaps it shows why people regard some 28 year olds as too young to vote? :-)

Lydia is supporting from Lawyers Christian Fellowship. Are christian lawyers 16 years old girls too young to vote? :-)

PS.: I know my enlish is horrible. Sorry.