The NHS staff are wonderful so why must they put up with abuse - Notes on today

I've spent a large chunk of today at the hospital with my wife. After tests showed she has high blood pressure, and with her being pregnant, the midwife suspected possible pre-eclampsia, so she was sent to hospital for urgent tests, my school let me go to be with her, and so we've done a lot of waiting this afternoon.

At every point of the treatment, the moving of rooms, the testing and re-testing and the several hours of waiting for a room, for equipment and for a consultant, we have been treated really well by dedicated staff who, to put it quite frankly, are rushed off their feet.

If ever there was a department that was under resourced, it was the "delivery" department of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Trust.

So the question is, why was the nurse who apologised for the delays we were suffering so grateful that we didn't get angry ? Simple I guess. It is because so many people do get angry, and nasty and unpleasant to NHS staff who are simply rushed off their feet.

It was a genuine shock to her that we were so understanding that it was not her fault and that we were grateful for all they were doing.

Perhaps it is my experience of being a teacher and a councillor. As a teacher we get blamed for anything that has ever gone wrong in a child's upbringing whilst any credit goes to the parents whilst as a councillor, you get blamed for everything in the world. Just ask Fakenham town council. I once joked to them that I felt I ought to apologise for World War Two and the death of JFK as I seem to get blamed for everything that had ever gone !

Joking aside, the NHS do a wonderful job. My wife is staying in overnight, but we are relieved, she is being treated and the baby is fine. Shouldn't more people be a little more understanding of the wonderful jobs the NHS staff actually do ?

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