Giving up on Internet Explorer

I've just about had enough of Internet Explorer 7. Whilst it seems to be better than most other browsers, in reality it is rubbish.

Why is this ?

It cannot seem to cope with blogs, or at least blogger ones using new templates.

I've had a problem for several weeks accessing Iain Dale's blog via IE7. One minute it accepts it, the next, it beings up an error message, but now it has started doing it with my blog too.

If anyone else is suffering these problems, please let me know.

In the meantime. I've now switched to Mozilla Firefox and I'd recommend anyone else to do the same.


David Anthony said...

I switched to Firefox years ago but then back to IE 7 when that came out. I use both now depending on the website, both have their benefits... I only ever buy through Firefox.

Iain Dale has possibly the slowest loading blog on the net but I've never had that error before.

Laurence Boyce said...

I’ve had no problems with IE7, though I only use it occasionally. The font rendering is superb which would be the reason to use it I guess. However, at home I use Firefox. In particular, I find the spell checker add-on extremely useful.

Dr Dan H. said...

Look, just go the whole hog and ditch Microsoft and all their crapulous rubbish. Linux works so very much better, and doesn't suffer from viruses, plus it is free.

Anonymous said...

I get exactly the same problem accessing Iain Dale's blog. Thanks for the advice RE Firefox.