Cornerstone Group makes its move

With Gordon Brown's Labour Party having a better time in the polls and some of the gloss now coming off "Dave" and the whole Cameron project in the Conservative party, the Cornerstone Group of more right wing Tory MP's is now pushing for a new more right wing agenda for the Conservative Party.

In my opinion, they are half right and half wrong (I know, typical Lib Dem) in that they are right that David Cameron's vision is not a Conservative one. It lacks clarity and relies to much on the whole "heir to Blair" fixation that some Tories around Cameron have. The Tory party is not distinctive, is not offering anything new, instead it just offers a more polished version of what Labour were offering under Blair.

I do, think though that the Cornerstone group are wrong in thinking that the way back to power for the Tories is a more right wing agenda. 20 years ago, they may have been right, but British political thinking, and the minds of the electorate are much more middle ground these days, less polarised between a left and right agenda. I think Gordon Brown would be delighted if the Tories went to the right and left more room for him and the Lib Dems.

In this case, the Tories in Cornerstone need to know right is wrong.


Anonymous said...

Cameron would be daft to take their views seriously. The only question is are the membership at large more Cameron or Cornerstone ? If they feel Cameron is not going to win, will they go more Cornerstone ?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

A little war with these nutters won't do Cameron any harm - just like when Millitant took on Kinnock (or was it the other way around?)