Conservatives already breaking election promises in South Norfolk

Having been elected on a promise to scrap Lib Dem plans to invest in social housing in South Norfolk, the Tories are instead going ahead with the scheme, because they now admit that the scheme had "already gone to far to be cancelled".

Whatever the rights or wrongs of the scheme, wasn't it therefore a bare faced lie to claim that they would oppose the scheme. After all, the Tories at the time chaired the Scrutiny committee in South Norfolk, a privilege they have removed from the Lib Dems, so they were in the perfect position to find out before they made their promise.


Anonymous said...

You criticise me for calling the Lib Dems "Dim Lebs", yet you turn out tree into something odd and call us "hypocrites". Perhaps we're as bad as each other, but you certainly have no right to claim the moral high ground!!!

Paul Walter said...

Teacher, why have used an apostrophe there?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I know, terrible. I've ammended it now. To be fair, I usually get the apostrophe correct.

Anonymous said...

Justin, if the cap fits eh ?